Insurenet and Pettigrew use Oklahoma to Peddle their Scameras in PA

AxXiom for Liberty, The Oklahoma Watchdog, Mike McCarville and Lee Matthews of KTOK 1000 have been following and reporting on Insurenet and its (s)camera plan for months.  Looks as though they may have scored a win in Pennsylvania.

This woolly booger came onto my radar back in Feb of 2009 with a hotly debated bill sponsored by Rep. Ken Miller, now running for State Treasurer who admitted he had conferred with Insurenet about the legislation.

Wayne Pettigrew, (who doesn’t pay his own fines)former Oklahoma state legislator turned Insurenet lobbyist, has nabbed another state with the lure of easy money and he used our state to do it!

On pg 30 Mr Pettigrew tells the Pennsylvania House of Representatives that Oklahoma is currently implementing Insurenet’s system.  This has been flatly denied by Oklahoma officials although Insurenet has used Pettigrew and Barry Switzer to push their system in Oklahoma and Oklahoma is getting a tag scanning/ticketing system that by its description sounds like Insurenet.

As I have said, there is more to all of this than meets the eye.

Find out more about Automatic License Plate Recognition

Sorry Pennsylvania!

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Pennsylvania Governor Proposes Tolling, Taxing and Ticketing to Balance Budget

From The Newspaper

Pennsylvania governor sees new taxes, tolls, fees and cameras as the key to shoring up the state budget.

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell is struggling in his latest budget with the desire to spend more money while lacking tax revenue due to the economic recession. Nonetheless, the $28 billion budget for 2011 expends $200 million more than the previous year. Rendell yesterday testified before the state Senate Transportation Committee about how he intended to hit up motorists to make up much of that amount.

“If you did the increase in fees for inflation and the four cents at the pump — again, I think my idea is the best idea — but if you did that, you’ve got almost $100 million more,” Rendell testified. “If you did the InsureNet — that’s the plan with the cameras — the state would generate $75 million more.”

Rendell specifically asked committee members to index various registration and driving fees to inflation so that they would automatically increase every year without a vote. He also suggested the gas tax should rise by at least four cents, although he preferred to index the gas tax to inflation as well.

Lobbyist Wayne Pettigrew had testified on March 2 before the state House Transportation Committee about the InsureNet made system which would generate automated citations for motorists who may have missed an auto insurance premium by as little as a few hours.



2 responses to “Insurenet and Pettigrew use Oklahoma to Peddle their Scameras in PA

  1. Mathews Is An Idiot

    Don’t count on Mathews. He said he’s all for it, as long as the cops are doing it and not a private corporation. He’s another establishment, big government hack.

  2. And these sleaze bags don’t want to downsize the size of the gimmenment, they only want to keep the status quo and their salaries…

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