Where Oh Where did our Spy Cameras Go?



August 2,2010

Last weekend my Father-In-Law informed me that there was a scam afoot.  One that purported to use license plate scanning cameras to make money for the state and was being backed by none other that Barry Switzer!  No!  I gasped…why those little money grubbing so and so’s…

There is the power of local media.  Thanks to people like Andrew Griffin, Mike McCarville and Lee Mathews and Fox23 Tulsa the machinations of industry and the complicity of some of our friends in state government was exposed widely-and where it mattered-locally

Here are some of the lawmakers who were on the License Plate Task Force back in 2007.   I can’t say for certain that they purposely paved the way for the ALPR devices but I can say this;  The design they chose just happened to be one that perfectly optimized our plates for reading by said devices.

I was just discussing the lack of movement on the Scamera contracts with a friend a night or two ago.   We were noticing that no Executive Order to permit the ALPR cameras to be placed in fixed locations had been issued and  the bill that would have permitted the license plate scanning devices to be installed in fixed locations died last session.  We were speculating on how the state might go about putting the devices in place.

It is quite possible that the state does not have the authority it needs to go ahead with the ALPR (automatic license plate recognition) devices right now.

I checked off the “citizens score”  category on this post because there is no doubt in my mind that the steady carping about Insurenet and so- called traffic safety devices that are used more as the state’s money funnel than they are for any safety purposes, played a role in gumming up the gears on this deal.

It will be interesting to see how this revenue enhancing scheme will unfold given that it has become such a hot topic and that the state was counting on the money to help fill the budget gap.  What to do, what to do….

This article confirms that our conversation was right on track.

Delay in contract award may harm Oklahoma revenues


A proposed traffic camera system being counted on by state budget officials to generate at least $50 million in revenues off uninsured drivers this fiscal year has run into roadblocks.

A proposed traffic camera system being counted on by state leaders to generate at least $50 million in revenues from uninsured drivers this fiscal year may have run into roadblocks.

American Insurance Association attorney Jeramy Rich says the technology has weaknesses and claims many insured Oklahomamotorists are going to be harassed with undeserved fine notices if the system is implemented.

…The contract calls for fixed or mobile cameras to photograph license plates on moving vehicles. Computers would transmit the data and match it to insurance verification information on national, state and insurance company databases.
Problems predicted

Rich said he sees several problems. His association was involved with the four-year development of the electronic database system Oklahoma law enforcement officers now use to determine if a motorist has insurance when they make traffic stops.Fleet and company owned vehicles are special problems because blanket insurance policies don’t electronically link the policies to each vehicle identification number in the fleet, Rich said. Law enforcement officers must rely on paper insurance verification card checks to determine whether fleet vehicles are covered.

. . .Rich also questions whether the state has the authority to implement the program, whether it will really generate the $50 million a year and whether it is appropriate to allow a private contractor to issue ticket notices and keep a portion of ticket revenue. (emphasis added)


Join other Oklahoman’s who want to  “Ban the Scameras in Oklahoma” on Facebook


8 responses to “Where Oh Where did our Spy Cameras Go?

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  2. Good news and good job! I know my Senator and Rep got an ear full about this.

  3. Yeah they sure did didn’t they Johnny! Funny how people finally get mad once they know what the hell is going on! Thank God!

  4. We not only got mad but it is unconstitutional. Ya want to tell me that if I want to contest breaking a law that it has to be done through a corporation? I only recently got more involved with state issues, normally keep up on national and international stuff… Even got a personal call from Senator Sykes on it…

  5. Good job!
    I am the opposite and pay more attention to local/state government.

  6. We all have a place in things. My folks and brother handle the local stuff. I had a chance to talk to Senator Sykes at the friends of the NRA banquet last night in Newcastle. He agreed we me that there was a Constitutional issue. I’m not very knowledgeable of the OK constitution but having a private corp enforcing laws, not good. He agreed. Met another Tea party member and my nephew walked out with a S&W .40 and a 12 gauge pump…My buddy that just got out of the Army left me with a couple of presents when he stopped by the other night. Patriots are everywhere…We will restore the Republic…

  7. Sen Sykes strikes me as one of the good ones, I am glad you spoke to him about the problem.
    Thanks for the positive note!

  8. Yep one of the few. Thanks. I saw him and didn’t know who exactly he was and ask my brother if that was Sen Sykes. He said ‘Oh yea’.

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