Maryland Gov. Bets that His Citizens Will Make Great Pets!

Kaye Beach

Aug. 7, 2010

Maybe “pets” is the wrong word.

Since most citizens will be permitted to roam freely (within certain, specified limits) aside from the occasional interruptions required by their minders to relieve them of a quantity of useful product, I guess “herd” or “livestock” might be a more accurate way of characterizing how Mr. O’Malley views the taxpayers that he plans to tend.


With great fanfare, Gov. Martin O’Malley on Wednesday announced his use of your tax dollars to track every move made by Maryland motorists. The Democratic chief executive will spend $2 million in federal grants to double the number of roadside and mobile spy cameras, with the data centrally collected at a “fusion center” accessible to government bureaucrats.

Like speed cameras and red-light cameras, Mr. O’Malley‘s license-plate recognition cameras photograph the plates of passing motorists. Within a matter of seconds, a computer system looks up the vehicle owner’s identity and cross-references it against a “wanted” list after recording the time, date and GPS coordinates of the vehicle. All of this information will be stored at the Maryland Coordination and Analysis Center located in Woodlawn, just outside Baltimore. Mr. O’Malley‘s plan is unique insofar as it allows tracking of persons of interest using cameras located in dozens of local jurisdictions. “We believe it’s the first,” Maryland State Police spokesman Gregory M. Shipley told The Washington Times. “It’s certainly one of the first to network police [agencies] together like this.”

If you have somehow managed to miss this video,  I highly recommend it.

The Battle at Kruger


6 responses to “Maryland Gov. Bets that His Citizens Will Make Great Pets!

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  2. They are turning Maryland into a police state, are the citizens crazy or asleep?
    In my travels around the world one of the things I learned was ‘Ya don’t mess with water buffalo’…

  3. people of maryland, grow some balls, tear the fxxxxxx cameras down, tar and feather this bastard, run him out of town on a rail…i`m mad as hell and i`m not going to take it anymore

  4. Ya greybeard they do need to do that. Although those cams would make good target practice for the .22… I’m mad as hell to but violence is not the answer, at this point…
    Water buffalo = Tea Party Patriots…

  5. With this going on like Maryland is a disgrace
    in America including Barry Switzer and others
    here in Oklahoma. A good size group of people
    with guts needs to corner Switzer and let him
    know this is not the Soviet Union and stop him.
    How about a boycott on all of his rental places
    and any other nbusiness he might have. I’m
    ready to join that boycott.

    Ed Jantzen

  6. The buffalo and lion engagment is really worth watching should be a lesson for all red blooded
    American. We have to fight the fight of faith.

    Ed Jantzen

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