update: Just released “Your Body Is Your ID”

This book is a remarkable tool for anyone who is searching for a way to stop our country from being transformed by pervasive surveillance

“Information sharing is appropriate around the world, and DHS plans to create a ‘Global Security Envelope’ of internationally shared biometric data that would permanently link individuals with biometric ID, personal information held by governments and corporations.” –Source: Robert Mocny, DHS


By Mark Lerner, Stop Real ID Coalition

There are a number of proposed “solutions” to address the issues of terrorism and illegal immigration. Within these proposed solutions there is a common denominator, biometrics. This document presents an alternative solution to national/international identification documents that incorporate biometrics. Perceived security is not real security.

Currently the “Real ID Act 2005” is federal law. The Real ID Act calls for federal guidelines for state driver’s licenses. The standard for the digital facial image/photograph is an international standard adopted by the International Civil Aviation Organization, an agency of the United Nations.

The standard is specifically called for in order that the digital facial image/photo is facial recognition compatible. Facial recognition is a biometric. Biometric is defined as “measurement of the body”. Most often we think of fingerprinting when we think of a biometric. DNA is a biometric as well. Facial recognition is based on measuring the distances between key characteristics of a person’s face (center of eyes, nose, ears, lips and so forth). This process is called “mapping” the face.

In 2001 facial recognition technology was used to capture the image of the people that attended the “Super Bowl”. The captured images were then compared to law enforcement databases. Since 2001 facial recognition has been used many times in public places. A person’s facial image is captured either by the use of CCTV (Surveillance cameras or hand held biometric devices, similar to cameras that connect wirelessly to databases).

Congress is now considering proposed legislation, immigration reform that calls for a biometric social security card and a national worker’s identification card.

Many if not most people believe that “biometrics” confirm a person’s identity. That is absolutely not the case. Before a person has their biometrics captured/taken, whether it is for a driver’s license or other identification document, they must first provide what is called breeder documents. Breeder documents are defined as documents needed to acquire identification documents. Examples of breeder documents include birth certificates and social security cards. It is the breeder document that identifies the person. Biometrics simply confirms a person is match or not a match to previously collected biometric samples. It is the breeder documents that establish the identity of the person.

People that enter our country illegally have no problem obtaining counterfeit breeder documents in any major city of the United States. Since breeder documents are not authenticated by state Department of Motor Vehicles those that enter our country illegally can easily obtain authentic state driver’s licenses.

Thousands of young people graduate madrassas every year. Madrassas are Islamic schools where often the most violent form of Islam is taught. These people can enter our country illegally and obtain driver’s licenses with no problem.

Recently Russian spies were caught in the United States. Many of these spies who had been in our country for years had obtained legal United States identification documents including state driver’s licenses using counterfeit breeder documents. Some of the spies have admitted that the names they were known by were not their actual names.

The point being, biometrics did nothing and would do nothing in preventing people from other nations obtaining valid/authentic state driver’s licenses. The people in question could be from the Middle East, South America, Mexico or other countries.

The Constitutional Alliance wants real security and not perceived security (smoke and mirrors). Corporations want seamless (soft) borders that rely on identification documents that incorporate biometrics and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips. The reason multinational corporations want seamless borders is they provide for the expeditious and convenient movement of both people and goods. Time is money to corporations. The longer it takes to move people and goods across our borders the more money it costs corporations. There is no substitute for a thorough inspection of people and goods.

Our government is pushing biometric identification documents because it wants control over citizens. The United States has been promoting the enrollment of all citizens into a single global biometric identification system that directly links a person’s body to financial control of the person.

Robert Mocny (DHSUS-Visit) stated that “information sharing is appropriate around the world,” and DHS plans to create a “Global Security Envelope of internationally shared biometric data that would permanently link individuals with biometric ID, personal information held by governments and corporations.”

The largest customer of data mining (collection of information from multiple sources) companies is the government. The federal government is using private entities (ex. Lexis-Nexus and ChoicePoint) to gather information about each of us. This use of private companies helps to assist the government in avoiding parts of the 1974 Privacy Act.

The Real ID Act has “restrictions”, what you cannot do without a Real ID compliant driver’s license. The Photo Identification Security Act specifically calls for a Real ID compliant driver’s license before any financial institution can do business with you. “Financial Institution” is not defined. As the legislation reads, a financial institution could apply to any retailer or business that conducts financial transactions.

The cost associated with a National Worker’s Identification Card is staggering. It is difficult to arrive at an exact cost for the price of biometric readers/scanners but Senator Schumer estimates $800 per device. Every employer would be required to have the device or according to Senator Schumer, the employer could take the potential employee to the nearest Department of Motor Vehicle office.

Secretary Napolitano, of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is on record stating that her preference would be for all states to issues Enhanced Driver’s Licenses.

(Ed. Note; Okla. State Rep. Kenneth Corn attempted to pass such a bill in 2009, much to the delight of the Security Industry Associations(SIA), CEO, Richard Chase who sent Rep. Corn a “thank you” note

These “licenses” would contain a RFID chip and a person’s biometrics. RFID technology is advancing at a rapid pace. The distances that RFID chip transmissions can be read are increasing rapidly.

If Senator Schumer and Secretary Napolitano have their way every retailer, bank or other place that business is conducted will have both biometric and RFID devices/scanners.

Everywhere and anywhere we go the government will have the ability to know what we are doing, where we are doing it at and who we are with. Does this sound like a “free” society or a “surveillance” society? We have all witnessed multiple abuses of power in our lifetime. Should we be providing laws and technologies that will be used on U.S. citizens? For decades J. Edgar Hoover was the Director of the FBI. It is well documented that he kept a “little black book” which contained secrets about elected leaders, heads of corporations, some in the media and many private citizens. Imagine if he had the laws and technologies of today.

Ask yourself if what our country is doing is about providing security? DHS has a goal this year of only preventing 29% of the illegal people and goods from entering our country through authorized border patrol checkpoints. Our borders are undeniably wide open. If the goal is to stop 29% at authorized checkpoints, what is the goal where there are no checkpoints?

E-Verify is touted as the way to prevent people, in our country illegally, from obtaining jobs. E-Verify is 99% accurate if U.S. citizens are being vetted. When those in our country illegally are vetted by E-Verify, the system provides incorrect information over half the time (54%) of the time.


In light of the recent ruling overturning the immigration enforcement provisions of the new Arizona immigration law (leaving the state only with what amounts to converting state licenses into national ids), patriots and state legislators across the country are looking for real solutions to fix the federal government’s failure to secure the border against illegal immigration.
This concept below fulfills all of what the Arizona law attempted to do. However, it contains several upgrades. It does not contain the problem that conflicts with the Supremacy Clause in the Constitution. Unlike the Arizona law, it protects the private data of law abiding state citizens and prevents that data from being used to turn state licenses into national/international ids. Best of all it accomplishes the entire intent of what the sponsors of the Arizona law attempted to do while leaving the entire solution in the hands of the states.

We must begin authenticating the birth certificate
. Nearly every citizen has a birth certificate, certificate of birth or other document that provides the name of the individual and the place of their birth. For Americans born overseas (military dependent or government employees and others), embassies and consulates create their birth records.

The Constitutional Alliance proposes a “hub” telecommunications system. The hub would not retain information but only act as a conduit. On one end would be all state Department of Motor Vehicle offices and on the other end would be the state agencies (vital statistics, Dept. of Health and so on) that would maintain a digital copy of all birth certificates, certificates of birth or other legal documents that establish the name, place and date of birth, of citizens.

Each state would not just digitize these “breeder documents” but also sequentially number them. Nearly all U.S. citizens have a birth certificate or other legal document establishing when and where they were born.

Once such a document is used for the issuance of a state ID, the “system” would record the document number assigned to the birth certificate or other legal instrument. If another person attempted to use the same numbered document to obtain a driver’s license or state identification card, the “system” would send an “alert” notifying authorities of potential fraud, by either the first or second person. It would not take law enforcement more than a few minutes to determine who was the guilty party. If a person attempted to use a counterfeit birth certificate or other such document the “system” would alert authorities that said numbered document was not in the “system.

By authenticating the birth certificate or other such document, the issue of citizenship status is no longer in question. The state driver’s license would serve as proof of citizenship.

Our solution does not just answer the need for a document to show or prove citizenship status, but it also eliminates the need for federal guidelines for state driver’s licenses. Further, U.S. citizens would not be enrolled into a global biometric identification system. States would solely control the hub/process. Our solution does not require any type of national or more precisely international identification card that would place our religious freedom, privacy, states’ rights or sovereignty, at risk.

There could be occasion to issue state driver’s licenses to foreign nationals. In those cases the state driver’s license or state identification card issued to the foreign national would be different in appearance from the driver’s licenses issued to U.S. citizens. The expiration date on the driver’s licenses foreign nationals would receive would reflect the date of expiration of the visa the foreign national is issued.

There may very well be a very small number of citizens that either do not have original or “certified true” copies of their birth certificate. They can obtain a certified true copy of their birth document from the state where they were born. In those very rare cases when that is not possible to obtain an original or certified true copy we understand the federal government may be needed to establish a person’s citizenship or residency status as a last resort.


In light of the recent ruling overturning the immigration enforcement provisions of the new Arizona immigration law (leaving the state only with what amounts to converting state licenses into national ids), patriots and state legislators across the country are looking for real solutions to fix the federal government’s failure to secure the border against illegal immigration

The federal government has an addiction to information collecting. That information is the personal information of all U.S. citizens not just of those suspected of being a threat to our country. Today we are presumed guilty until found innocent. The current biometric system is fueled by the massive collection of personal information and this system is destroying our religious freedom, privacy rights and states’ rights. Our bodies are linked to financial transactions as part of an international system of identification and financial control. Our personal information is subjected to illegal searches and sharing, all without a warrant or probable cause and states, where the people have more control over government, are commanded to give up their ID documents to serve the wishes of international organizations and multinational corporations.

In the past our personal information was spread among many federal agencies and departments to include the Social Security Administration, the IRS, the FBI, Department of Defense and so forth. Since the inception of the Department of Homeland Security our personal information is being centralized. Information is power and no single agency or department of the federal government should have that much power/control. (All emphasis added)

DHS has been caught using three different spying programs on U.S. citizens. DHS also mislead Congress and the American people about the role biometrics have in the Real ID Act 2005. The role of biometrics in the PASS ID Act would be no different. PASS ID has been introduced to replace Real ID because half the states have stood up and said “NO” to Real ID. PASS ID is the proverbial wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing.

In July, 2010 The Washington Post did a series on the issue of intelligence gathering.

The bottom line of that article is our country’s intelligence people including DHS are collecting so much information that we cannot manage or control the information being collected. We continue to grow the size of the haystack while attempting to find the needle.

This year I had the opportunity to tour a “Fusion Center”. The Director of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) took questions from others and me in attendance that included pastors and state lawmakers. When I asked the OSBI head, Director Langley if he supported the government collecting the DNA of all citizens he replied, “No, I support the presumption of innocence”.

When I explained to him that facial recognition (high resolution digital facial images) and DNA were both biometrics you could see his face tighten. He knew what my next question would be. “How can you oppose the collection of DNA based on the presumption of innocence and turn around and support the mandating of all citizens having to provide a high resolution digital facial image, another biometric? Director Langley said law enforcement needed photos. I told him I agree but the photos should not be high resolution, facial recognition compatible photos. I reminded him that for decades low resolution photos that were not intended to be used by facial recognition appeared on driver’s licenses with no problem.

(Ed. Note.  A photo that is perfectly suitable for visually comparing a person to their driver’s license does not require that the level of resolution needed for facial recognition technology.  The only reason to capture and use such images is for facial recognition which works without your knowledge or permission being necessary)

Recently, I had the opportunity to address a group of people in Arkansas. There were roughly 50 people in attendance. I asked everyone that had a birth certificate to raise their hand. All but one person raised their hand. As I explained the inadequacy with E-Verify and further articulated the threat of a national/international ID card, I could see the people in the room sensing there was more to come. I detailed our solution/alternative to what the federal government was doing (Read ID, E-Verify, biometric SS card and a national worker’s identification card) and the people in the room “got it”. They loved our proposed hub system of authenticating breeder documents (birth certificates). Those in attendance also understood that by implementing our solution, legislation such as Arizona S.B.1070 was not needed, at least as written. There would be no need for U.S. citizens to have their information provided to DHS. The driver’s license would be proof of citizenship.

Finally, they realized our solution offered real security not perceived security. Securing our borders and authenticating breeder documents is not a choice but rather a necessity if we are to protect our country without sacrificing our liberty.



  1. Good job with the OSBI guy, they hate people ‘with a clue’. What a fight we have on our hands…

  2. The current biometric system is fueled by the massive collection of personal information and this system is destroying our religious freedom, privacy rights and states’ rights.

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