The “Tin Foil Hat” Club Sees Rise in Popularity

No.  I am not making fun of Mr. Scott.  Far from it.
How does a self-professed believer in the nobility and benevolence of government find himself inducted into the ever-growing club of the tin foil hatters?  It is simple.  He grokks the age old idea of;

“a new mode of obtaining power of mind over mind, in a quantity hitherto without example.” –Jeremy Bentham, designer of the Panopticon.

And he is smart enough to see our environment being transformed into a wall-less psychological prison utilizing Bentham’s principles which work to control both thought and behavior exceedingly well.

Mr. Carter explains;

Panopticon: The State Is Always Watching You
by M.Scott Carter of The Journal Record

Not long ago I sat in a classroom at the University of Oklahoma and studied the rise of evil in modern Europe.

Part of that class included the concept of the Panopticon – an Orwellian-type idea that the state is always watching you. As I studied, I assumed this “all-seeing” idea was simply the whining of those anti-government types.

I was wrong.

This year I saw the Panopticon firsthand with Gov. Brad Henry’s proposal to supplement the state’s budget by automating the enforcement of vehicle insurance. Instead of having a police officer run your vehicle’s tag number when he pulls you over for a traffic offense, the governor’s proposal would automate the process.

And you’d never know it was happening.

A series of video cameras would be placed around the state that would scan an automobile’s tag numbers and cross-reference them against a database of those people who have insurance. If your car wasn’t on the list, you’d get a ticket.

And the state would get the cash.

The governor’s budget estimates the proposal would generate about $95 million in revenue; of course privacy is another issue.

While I understand the need to protect citizens and the desire to make our roads safe, it worries me that every motorist is presumed guilty of an offense until their tag number is cross-referenced against an unknown database on a computer in some distant location.

It also concerns me that the state is always looking over my shoulder; because the state, since it is a human concept and like those humans who developed it, is flawed.

[. . .]At this point I began to realize the Panopticon isn’t just an idea, but a reality. Whether it’s the little machine that automatically deducts your turnpike toll – while at the same time recording the fact that you were at that exact spot at that exact time – or the idea that the state has dominion over a woman’s eggs, the Panopticon is alive and well in Oklahoma.

Big Brother is here. And he’s living in your house.

Lawmakers are considering ideas to take DNA samples from those simply charged with crimes, while at the same time calling for the elimination of big government. Online merchants watch what you buy and then sell that data to others so they, too, can try to sell you products.

The list goes on and on and on.

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6 responses to “The “Tin Foil Hat” Club Sees Rise in Popularity

  1. They are trying no doubt about that. It’s not only about control, it’s about money…

  2. One of the most needed timely posts ever! Wake up America. Say NO to loss of privacy and this wicked scheme of national id cards in whatever form it takes. Stand up for your neighbor’s rights if you care nothing for your own please. For the children?!

  3. You got that right!

    Understand Panopticon-

  4. Oh yea and how well did those national ID cards do to stop the subway bombings in Spain…Well they were able to know who they were, after the fact…

  5. You got that right. Identity is not a deterrent.
    Identity cards are only as good as the documents that they are derived from. same is true about biometrics. They do not establish or prove identity. Only the identity that is authenticated by the breeder documents such as your birth certificate/

  6. Looks like I need to head to Spencer’s and get the glasses with the big nose and mustache… I’ve also got a copy of my birth cert and DD-214 that I keep in my briefcase…

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