RFID to Track PEOPLE?! Cops, Big Government Extremists and Corporate Shills Deny the Possibility

RFID can be used for tracking people?

But we have been assured that we are misunderstanding the ability of the technology by members of our state legislature, Mr. Fancy Pants himself, Richard Chase,  CEO of the Security Industry Association, and even the Department of Public Safety expressed dismay that anyone would think that they even harbored the thought of putting one of those blasted things in our must-carry ID documents;

Richard Chase

The whole thing is just a tempest in a tea pot, an absolutely CORNY idea!

Mr Chase’s assertions were compelling enough to convince Gov. Brad Henry to veto the anti-RFID bill even though it was overwhelming supported by Democrats and Republicans alike.  Even staunchly conservative Christians and the ACLU expressed grave concerns about this technology largely due to its inherent tracking ability.

RFID chips are sensors and  when they are sprinkled over almost everything their spying ability becomes profound.  Wal Mart recently announced that they would be embedding RFID in individual items (including your underwear) and yesterday I posted a story about the new plan to use them to monitor Cleveland’s garbage habits.

Now, they want to use them to track students.

The word of the day is UBIQUIITOUS

New Canaan Considers Tracking Devices for Students

Mon, Aug 23, 2010


In the tiny town of New Canaan, students might someday get tracking tags along with their textbooks.


No decisions have yet been made, but school officials plan to look into the possibility of adding radio frequency tags to student or staff ID cards, or place them on school property, like laptops, the New Canaan Advertiser reports.

The company that makes the devices is SecureRF Corporation, based in Westport. It has applied for a $100,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to conduct science research and wants New Canaan High School to use the technology, the Advertiser reports.

“We are looking to test this technology with a partner,” SecureRF’s founder and chief executive officer Louis Parks Parks said during a school board meeting last week. “The primary role we are looking for from you is the feedback and input.”

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One response to “RFID to Track PEOPLE?! Cops, Big Government Extremists and Corporate Shills Deny the Possibility

  1. If they put RFID in my skivvies, make sure who ever is monitoring this is on suicide watch… Unfortunately they will be that board… Same as if they want to tap my phone…
    Too much time online, need to let my eye rest…

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