All Your Base (Phones) Are Belong to Us (coming soon…)

You know how perverts use candy to lure children to their debasement?  Think about that whenever you hear of cashless options via your mobile phone.  They know how much we love them…..

While new high-tech vending machines are being released with options such as touch screens, nutritional information displays, wireless coin dispensers, stock monitors and biometric payments, some feel the idea of moving forward with biometric-based payments on the devices may not work yet, according to a Retail Solutions Online article.

The reason for this is based on the unsuccessful Pay By Touch efforts at retail locations in the past. The suggestion for similar technology utilizing NFC on mobile phones is brought out as a potential separate option.

The belief is that while many aren’t ready for a move to biometric-based payments due to security and privacy concerns, those concerns are significantly lower for people using their mobile phones which have also become a near-necessary item for people to carry on their person at all times.

While it is acknowledged that there is no logical reasons behind why the biometric vending machines wouldn’t be a success, it is also stated that consumers tend to be more emotion-based and emotions still tend to fall closer to privacy concerns than ease with which biometrics can be used.

Read the full story here.

Dubai-based Simage Technologies has announced the release of its new Secure Contactless Token, a multi-purpose biometric device for secure ID, payments and secure authentication.

With the new device, users can securely access their bank accounts online, pay for public transportation or goods at supporting retail locations, access e-government services with secure ID verification and store electronic health records.

The token supports multiple biometric functions, including facial recognition, iris scan, and an on-board Fingerprint ‘Match-On-Device’ application that allows secure user verification in both online and offline modes.

The token uses the open-source OATH standard for generating a single-use 6 digit OTP, which is displayed on the LCD screen along with the value of the payment

Multicard, Rabobank roll out contactless mobile payment stickers

Multicard, a business unit of Identive Group, announced that it has been selected by Rabobank to provide personalization and fulfillment services for the Dutch bank’s latest application of its MiniTix cashless e-payment solution.

eNational Payments, Mocapay partner for m-commerce solutions eNational Payments, a provider of mobile and contactless electronic commerce and payment processing services, has a entered into a strategic partnership with Mocapay, enabling its merchants and retailers access to Mocapay’s secure mobile payments solution and mobile marketing engine to reach customers in real-time.

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Wireless Dynamics introduces the iCarte 110, the first NFC (Near Field Communications) and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Reader/Writer that provides NFC two way communications, RFID read/write and contactless payment capability for iPhones.

The iCarte turns your iPhone into an NFC phone and an RFID Reader/Writer. It’s embedded smart-chip can be configured as debit, credit, pre-paid and loyalty cards turning the iPhone into an electronic wallet.

The iCarte works with iPhone 3G and 3GS with iPhone OS 3.0 or above. It has a mini-USB connector for charging and syncing iPhone.


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