Oops! They said the “N” Word. ‘National’ ID

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National?  I beg to disagree since the NORTH AMERICAN Security Products Organization is the accreditation standards developer.  Unless we have assimilated Mexico and Canada into our nation, North American accreditation would be INTERNATIONAL.

From SecureID News;

June 16, 2010

ID standard verification meeting set

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has scheduled a meeting July 12 – 13 in Kansas City to discuss development of a national identity verification standard.

ANSI, along with its accredited standards-developer the North American Security Products Organization (NASPO), have been working on identity verification standards but this meeting is calling for participants to join in the process.

[. . .]The results of the meeting may lead to a national standard for identity verification, sets of rules and procedures for identity assurance and a standard that will enable relying partied to place a valuation of risk on to identities.

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Who do they want to join them?

First and foremost, they call for interested parties who are willing to contribute financially.  They also claim to  seek input by these  interested parties but warn that their  rules of standard writing is done by “consensus process” and membership  is contingent upon the chairman and administrators “ability to manage”  the group.

I take this to mean that “if you are not likely to support the predetermined outcome, you will be nixed”

“Members should have a strong interest in the development of a national Identity Verification standard.  They must also be aware that there is international interest in this area”

The annual fee is 25,000 dollars for Sponsor’s

Members of NAPSO

NASPO Certified Companies

I think I can guess what “consensus” was reached but I will be watching to see what this meeting produced.


One response to “Oops! They said the “N” Word. ‘National’ ID

  1. We already have one — it is called a passport! Get one so you can get out of the country if needed (maybe)!

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