The Baseline Killer

This story will erase any CSI ideas you have about crime labs and the Phoenix story is not an unusual one.

(Recent  Oklahoma story.)

Backlogs are part of the problem along with under staffing and under training.

This is an issue that is worth taking some time to understand because the problems we are discovering in state forensics labs are having heartbreaking consequences.

For case documents and little known facts about the case-go to Freedom’s Phoenix.


by Shanna Hogan

more than two years after the arrest of the alleged murderer, Mark Goudeau, one of the detectives currently working on the case has come forward with an explosive claim that he says Phoenix police have gone to great lengths to conceal. According to the detective and other Phoenix police insiders, the last seven murders committed by the Baseline Killer could have been prevented if evidence gathered at one of the early crime scenes had been properly processed by the Phoenix crime lab.

Documents obtained by The Times support those claims and reveal that the DNA evidence used to crack the case and ultimately identify the suspected killer had been in police possession for nine months prior to his arrest.

This egregious instance is not isolated, and it reflects a much larger problem erupting behind the walls of the Phoenix crime lab, sources say.

A massive evidence backlog, lengthy wait times for testing and an increasingly strained relationship between the police department and the lab has jeopardized hundreds of homicide, rape and assault cases, one detective says.

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