North Carolina Suspends the 2nd

Via David Codrea

Gun Rights Examiner

State of emergency declared in North Carolina,” the WECT News 6 headline informs us. “Governor Bev Perdue has declared a State of Emergency for North Carolina in anticipation of Hurricane Earl’s arrival.”

From blogger John Jacob H:

“Upon Governor Beverly Perdue’s declaration of a State Of Emergency on September 1, 2010 Dove Hunters, Concealed Carry Handgun Licensees, Target Shooters and all other gunowners cannot possess, transport or use firearms off their personal property as per N.C. Gen. Stat. § 14-288.7”


A complaint was filed on this issue:

Plaintiffs Bateman, Green, and Minges, and members and supporters of
GRNC/FFE and SAF, have firearms, which they keep and carry for their defense and the defense of their families. The need for defensive arms is never more acute than “during times of public crisis, disaster, rioting, catastrophe, or similar public emergency, [when] public safety authorities are unable to maintain public order or afford adequate protection for lives or property, or whenever the occurrence of any such condition is imminent.”

Read the document


4 responses to “North Carolina Suspends the 2nd

  1. When seconds count, the police are just MINUTES away.

  2. Governor Perdue just got themself voted out of office.

  3. So, since I’m in VA right now does this mean I can’t drive back into home NC like I had intended to without breaking the law until she lifts the state of emergency?

  4. You might be sol, my friend.

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