Alinsky for Teachers. Brought to You By….The NEA



5 responses to “Alinsky for Teachers. Brought to You By….The NEA

  1. What a scumbag. It’s not kinda like the lady I’ve been dating lately. She is a school teacher but also a farm girl from Texas. Indoctrinated into the ‘libtard doctrine’. but our discussions, sometimes heated, end with her saying ‘your right’…. She has a clue… Just needed somebody to stand up and bring it out.

  2. Does this just make you sick or what?

  3. Ya it does make me sick. I’m soo looking for a different job so I work more normal hours and can run for school board… Might not get elected but will scare the heck out of the progressives…

  4. Who can say they are truly surprised. The solution is simple. HOME SCHOOL. Take out just 33% of the students. Parents form coops. It does not have to cost thousands per student to educate and educate well. We have to send a strong message to the school board that we won’t put up with the teaching socialist dogma which has never succeeded or alternate lifestyles that will not produce children and is a sin in the eyes of God. Or that patriotism is more than just paying one’s taxes and we won’t be bullied into allowing schools to teach sex ed to kids 6 years old. It is time to take a stand. Get retired teachers to teach and have parents in the room to disclipine. This is the only way freedom will ever survive.

  5. Yes Bob that’s the way it was…

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