DoJ 2010 Budget Request-National Security

For those who are curious about such things;

FY 2010 Overview
The FY 2010 Budget will help strengthen national security and counter the threat of terrorism. The request provides $7.9 billion for the FBI, including $480 million in program enhancements and $101 million for continued support of overseas contingency operations. Additionally, a total of $88 million for the National Security Division (NSD) to address the President’s highest priority: protecting the American people from terrorist attacks is provided. In total, the Budget requests a $721.5 million increase, including 366 agents, to strengthen DOJ’s counterterrorism investigative capabilities. These funds are needed to allow the Department to identify, track, and defeat terrorists operating in the United States and overseas, and to fortify our intelligence analysis capabilities

Some Highlights:

For the FBI

Comprehensive National Cyber security Initiative (CNCI): $61.2 million and 260 positions (107 agents and 42 intelligence analysts)

FBI Training Academy: $10.0 million to conduct an Architecture and Engineering (A&E) study, to determine the requirements to expand its FBI Academy training facilities on the Quantico Marine Corps Base.(Emphasis mine)

Biometrics Technology Center (BTC): $97.6 million . . .The BTC will be a collaborative effort between the FBI and DoD (Emphasis mine)

Central Records Complex (CRC): $9 million to support the inventory, consolidation, and preparation of 18 linear miles of records for relocation.

Surveillance and Advanced Electronic Surveillance: $32.5 million and 75 positions (12 agents) to expand the capabilities of the FBI’s surveillance groups and aviation program.

For the DEA

Continuing Counterterrorism Investments: $10.0 million and 15 positions (9 agents and 3 intelligence analysts


U.S. National Central Bureau (USNCB) or INTERPOL – Washington: $2.2 million

(plus much more!)

See the Document Here


One response to “DoJ 2010 Budget Request-National Security

  1. Whatever would we do with all that money if we weren’t so busy policing the world and building palaces in foreign lands?

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