The Dark Side of Nationwide Tests

This article is from waaaay back in 2001 but don’t disregard it because of that.  The information here is invaluable to understanding what is going on in our public schools.

This will help catch us up or refresh our memories about  the transformation of public education that began in earnest in the 1960’s.  This transformation today is just about complete and Oklahoma (you know the “reddest state in the nation”)  is leading the way, Numero Uno in fact,  on a new public education policy that is anything but conservative.  More about that soon.

There is  reason I am pulling things out of the way back machine (and I will be going even further back before I’m done with this story so humor me for a bit) is that without a little bit of history, some of the changes taking place in our state will be hard to fathom for many.  I have had to go back and retrace our steps to even begin to grasp it.

This particular article “The Dark Side of Nationwide Tests” was written by Beverly Eakman.


The following article from Insight magazine addresses the testing component of the federal education legislation now before Congress. These federal testing requirements were first put in place in 1994, part of the Goals 2000/School-to-Work package.
The case against standardized tests hinges on the quantum leap in data-gathering, cross-matching and information-sharing capabilities, with all the accompanying problems associated with data-trafficking, invasion of privacy and consumer profiling. Barely a week goes by that a publication somewhere doesn’t carry a story detailing a new affront to what used to be considered “nobody’s business.”

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