Real ID or No Real ID-You Are Still Being Enrolled

Find out how today on Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock

Mark Lerner from the Constitutional Alliance will be a guest on Declare Your Independence today, Wednesday 15th to talk about a new book, “Your Body Is Your ID”

More about Mark, The Constitutional Alliance and the new book

Listen LIVE Online Today

Go to Liberty News Radio to listen beginning at 4pm-7pm  CST

The book and DVD, “Your Body Is Your ID” are available at

This book covers a variety of intrusive surveillance technology including ALPR with special focus on national/international biometric identification schemes utilizing facial recognition technology.  The broader overview of the book though is to explain the threat of these surveillance technologies and data sharing policies which will give the government an unprecedented amount of control over us.

The book also presents workable solutions to pressing security matters that do not require the destruction of our rights and liberties.

Audio can be accessed after the show here;

Relevant article;

National ID?  No.  It’s worse.

I was on Ernest’s show this week talking about government surveillance and a new documentary about the OKC bombing.



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