Jim Redden Author of “Snitch Culture” Crime Reporter on A4L Friday Sept. 17th at 6pm CST

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Jim Redden is a professional journalist living in Portland, Oregon and is currently the crime reporter for The Portland Tribune. He is the author of Snitch Culture: How Citizens are Turned into the Eyes and Ears of the State Feral House. October 30, 2000, 320 pages.) To order try http://www.wingtv.net/snitch.html Or Amazon.com to order)

“Jim has a way of breaking facts loose that is un-rivaled in this town. Its a shame that there seems to be no place for serious journalists in the mainstream media, but perhaps that will change. I have always counted on Redden to report the facts, with accuracy and objectivity.” . . .writes one fan about Jim Reddens work.

Chris Emery(on left) and Andrew Griffin

Joining me in studio will be Andrew Griffin, our own ‘Red Dirt Reporter’ from Oklahoma Watchdog and the Red Dirt Report and Chris Emery, Documentarian, Founder and Host of Radio Free Oklahoma.

We will be asking Mr. Redden for his thoughts on why the media seems more and more to be falling down on their job.

Snitch Culture, Redden’s first book released in December 2000 is a must read for privacy buffs or anyone who wonders how we arrived in the surveillance society we find ourselves in today. The book is packed with facts about our “Snitch Culture” and traces the history of surveillance back to the very beginning

A great Interview with Jim Redden about his book here

Redden covers how the government recruits informants, private intelligence networks, surveillance technology (including facial recognition cameras), and some of the worst spy scandals in our history. This book is an invaluable reference manual for me!

It covers history, all about informants, political spying (both left and right), private intelligence networks, surveillance tech including facial recognition, school snitching and workplace spying and a whole lot more.

In his work as a journalist over the years, Jim has covered some intriguing murder mysteries and has much insight into the criminal justice system. He also has an interest in political movements

Read an excerpt from Snitch Culture;

The Oklahoma City Bombing ‘What Did They Know and When Did They Know It

Here are some recent articles by Jim Redden;

We Could all Be Tracked

“It can reach back in time and track your movements across the city– and even produce photos of your previous locations.”

Feds closer to reviewing Portland police

Listen Live Friday Sept. 17 on www.RuleOfLawRadio.com from 6-8pm CST

AxXiom For Liberty

Coming up;

Beverly Eakman, Sept 24

Jordan Page, Oct 1

Next Friday, September 24th, Beverly Eakman will be my guest. Jordan Page joins us on Oct 1st and look for Ruell Chappell and Galen Chadwick, the founders of The Well Fed Neighbor on the 8th of October.

Oct. 8th


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