Senator Coburn says he will hold up food safety bill

posted 9/16/10

By MARY CLARE JALONICK (AP) – 7 hours ago

WASHINGTON — A Republican senator is threatening to hold up food safety legislation that would give the Food and Drug Administration more power to prevent outbreaks, saying Democrats must find a way to pay for it.

Republican Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma says the bill, which has stalled in the Senate for more than a year, adds to the deficit and expands the power of an already troubled agency.

Advocates for the bill say it is crucial to strengthen the nation’s toothless food safety oversight and would help prevent large outbreaks of tainted food.

Coburn’s office said Wednesday the senator will object to bringing up the bill if his concerns aren’t addressed. His objections are a major blow to supporters’ chances of passing the legislation this year.

The legislation would give the agency more power to recall tainted products, require more inspections of food processing facilities and require producers to follow stricter standards for keeping food safe. Currently, the FDA does not have the authority to order a recall and must negotiate recalls with the affected producers. The agency rarely inspects many food facilities and farms, visiting some every decade or so and others not at all.



2 responses to “Senator Coburn says he will hold up food safety bill

  1. Also posted this one and told his office to kill it…

  2. I support Sen Coburn 100%. If the dems take this sector over they can include it with their financial, healthcare and housing takeovers. The dems are OUT of control. They lied about the pandemic. They lied about the egg scare. They are liars who know and hide the truth. I am from OK and we need more conservative Senators like Coburn to stand up to this regime. We are no longer going to be silent. We are no longer going to be pushed around by the likes of Reid & Peolsie and their ilk. We need to take a firm stand. We are not in quicksand but make no mistake this liberal takeover will soon deprive Americans of many if not all of our LIBERTIES! I urge all conservatives to finacially support Republican leaders.

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