Calif. bill would protect privacy of FasTrak users

Reported August 23, 2010 by the Associated Press;

The bill, SB1268, would prohibit transportation agencies from selling or sharing personal data and set penalties for those that violate the rules.

The bill also would require agencies to destroy data that could be linked to specific drivers.

The article says the bill has to go back to the Senate for final action but it looks like they got it through!
One more hurdle to clear-The “Governator” and the poisoned pen of Richard Chace.  Chase delivered the kiss of death to Oklahoma’s anti-RFID bill last session, as he has many similar bill all over the U.S.

See article posted on August 5, 2010 ; Will California Derail FasTrak’s Dash to Big Brother?


RFID to Track PEOPLE?!  Cops, Big Government Extremists and Corporate Shills Deny the Possibility

I’ll bet Mr. Fancy Pants  is drafting his letter to the Governor right now.

Stay Tuned…..


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