Grassroots movement seeks to create a self-sustaining local food industry

—Galen Chadwick and Ruel Chappell, the founders of Well Fed Neighbor will be my guests Oct 8th on AxXiom For Liberty

_______________________________________________ Reports, Sept. 24, 2010;

Homegrown food for the Ozark’s future

Grassroots movement seeks to create a self-sustaining local food industry


Every Friday night, folks come to the Park Central Square for some old fashioned music and food straight from Ozarks farms.

The Farmer’s Market allows local residents to purchase a variety of locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Barbara Price is one of a growing number of those residents getting back to our roots- when it comes to eating…

“Its fresh, it’s healthy.  I know lots of people who are growing their own food,” said Price.

Nearby at the Greene County Courthouse, others were pushing for more food to be grown and sold here, instead of depending on the outside world.

“All we have to do is remember the ice storm of 2007. We had three days of food on hand and that was rapidly, that was immediately gone,” said Ruell Chappell with Well-Fed Neighbor. . .

This Well-Fed Neighbors rally included politicians, business leaders- and farmers hoping to soon lay groundwork for a program urging lawmakers and communities to grow more of their own food.

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A press conference was held yesterday (9/24/2010) in front of the Greene County Court House in Springfield, Missouri at 3:15 p.m. Ruell Chappell of the Well Fed Neighbor Alliance made the announcement which also included comments from two special guests, former Lt. Governor of Missouri, Joe Maxwell (a Democrat) and former assistant Majority Leader Mark Wright (a Republican). The topic was “Food Independence” and “Food Freedom.”

One of the basic statements made at the press conference is the fact that we can no longer feed ourselves. There is no location in this country that can feed the population that resides there. The U.S. has become a net importer of food from China. Not only are we net importers of products from China, but China finances, at last look, 900 billion dollars of the U.S. debt. We are part of a global economy that views efficiency and the lowest price as important, yet somehow, cannot foresee the extrapolation of a future with very cheap products with no one to buy them.

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“Your best defense against hard times is a well-fed neighbor”


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