Random Red Light Camera News

Crash data kept quiet
Winnipeg Sun
Even where there were decreases in crashes after redlight cameras were installed, the reductions were minimal. For example, there were eight crashes at the .

Bellingham council to consider redlight, school-zone cameras
Bellingham Herald
BELLINGHAM – Police are asking city leaders to approve installing redlight cameras at four intersections and speed cameras in two school zones in coming

More red light cameras going on line next week
By DANNY HENLEY Another intersection along US 61 in Hannibal will soon feature red light cameras. Police Chief Lyndell Davis announced Friday afternoon that

Foe of redlight cameras presses case again in court | argusleader
A Sioux Falls businessman wants the city and Redflex Traffic Systems to pay back the money collected through their redlight traffic cameras.

Wilmington’s redlight cameras to focus on right turns
Wilmington’s redlight cameras have a new job: catching motorists for failing to stop when turning right on red.

Redlight cameras causing crashes
Global News,New numbers released by Manitoba Public Insurance show that redlight cameras may be causing more accidents.

Traffic Cameras Make Washington Drivers More Cautious
Insurance Journal
Twenty percent of those polled question the cameras’ effectiveness, and just 10 percent think red light cameras aren’t at all effective at decreasing

The Red Light Scam Camera Issue

by: cbpoitier on September 25th, 2010 |  1:00 am

These red light scam cameras are popping up everywhere in cities across the State. I just keep hearing about how these camera are for safety reasons. Really, I just wonder if it is really about the money these contraptions make for a city. Miami Gardens made last year over 2 million dollars with these scam cameras. I was witness to the faux court show in Miami Gardens. The Mayor  setup this fake court show where the citizens of Miami Gardens go and plead and beg for payment plans on a $125 citation from their city. It was truly horrific to view.  This is a tax on the poor citizens of Miami Gardens or elsewhere these cameras are being installed

Dollars sole redlight camera motive
Gloucester County Times – NJ.com
The summons-issuing red light cameras in Glassboro must be doing so well in raising “profits,” a term used in a previous Times article, that now Monroe

Survey says red light cameras affect drivers’ decisions
HeraldNet (blog)
PEMCO Insurance released results of a survey that shows drivers are bound to change their habits at intersections where they know red light cameras are in

When it doesn’t make sense, ponder
Columbia Daily Tribune
By Bill Clark Redlight cameras are not illegal — but the last I heard, violating those red lights is. Only those planning red-light violations need to be

Fairview looks at stoplight cameras for busiest intersections
Gresham Outlook
“I haven’t been that keen on photo-red light because of the older technology,” said Johnson of systems capturing still images that leave too much room for


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