The DNA Chip-YOU on a Smart Card

Kaye Beach

Sept. 27, 2010

If you (like me) are still fuming over  facial recognition, fingerprints and potentially RFID on your driver’s license, wait till you see what is coming up…..

DNA Chip technology embedded into Smart ID Cards;

Lockheed Martin and ZyGEM have developed an advanced DNA analysis system powered by a single, small processor.

“Our law enforcement, homeland security and defense communities face a significant challenge in how quickly they can confirm an individual’s identity,” explained LM spokesperson John Mears.

“[So], we essentially [designed] a [DNA] laboratory on a small, single chip that reduces the processing steps and time needed for analysis.

“[What previously took] days or weeks to complete [is now] an affordable, on-site process [lasting] less than an hour.”

A prototype RapI.D. system is already operational at ZyGEM’s Virgina MicroLab laboratories . . .

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Envisioning the Future of the CODIS DNA Database


Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. Signs Joint Development Agreement with Par Worldwide Group, Inc.

This integration will include placement of the DNA chip directly into smart card technologies and government issued ID cards. In addition, the DNA-embedded technology will be placed directly into ink for the development and printing of ID cards, among other security products.

“Our partnership with Par Worldwide will provide us with an experienced research, development, manufacturing and sales team in the Biometric and smart card arenas,” said Larry Lee, chief executive officer of Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. “The initial focus of this program will be to apply our DNA-embedded technology to conform to International ISO standards for immediate roll-out.”

. . .The Applied DNA Chip function is versatile, allowing it to be integrated into the form of a slot reader, slide through reader, or contact point reader for instant authentication. An authentic DNA chip will generate an analog signal and be received by the reader after the chip is stimulated. An LCD display screen provides immediate authentication by reading the unique DNA signals embedded in the chip.

. . .Applied DNA Sciences, Inc.’s proprietary anti-counterfeit Applied DNA(TM) Ink technology will be integrated in the Biometric applications. The DNA sequences within the ink are used as tools to differentiate and verify product authenticity. The proprietary overt ink technology allows for on-site, real time authentication, using a proprietary instant detection feature of the ink.(Emphasis Mine)

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