The Children’s Identification and Location Database

What is The Child Project™?

The Children’s Identification and Location Database (CHILD) Project is a secure nationwide network and registry that was created in conjunction with the Nation’s Missing Children Organization (NMCO) and National Center for Missing Adults (NCMA) – The Child Project™ enables law enforcement and social service agencies throughout the country to locate and positively identify missing children and adults with iris biometric recognition technology. Through this network, The Child Project™ compares the unique features contained in the iris against a database of individuals who enroll throughout the country to determine the identity of an individual. Complementing fingerprinting identification and related programs now in place, The Child Project™ captures a digital photograph of the individual’s iris, along with basic demographic information. Unlike existing fingerprint identification programs, The Child Project™ has created and maintains a national registry to give social service agencies, law enforcement, and other authorized users of the system, access to data that can positively identify children in seconds.

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