“Resentment Toward Government” Makes You a Suspect

From FreeOklahoma Blog

Following up on “It’s 1984 in Amerika” theme, we’ve just found out about “a symposium in held Hamburg, New York, that was attended by federal agencies, police departments and others and where a system that trawls phone conversations, emails and instant messages to detect ‘resentment toward government’ was demonstrated.” The total surveillance state is going deeper into Orwell’s “face crime” mode by profiling us. This symposium is not about foreign terrorists, but about irate Americans. Still think Homeland Security is not for us?

With fewer than 25% of Americans approving of government, that makes most of us suspect. By definition, all supporters of the US Constitution and the “tea party movement” qualify to be on the list of possible domestic terrorists. Of course, this runs contrary to America’s roots where our Founders resented the English Crown and drew us a Constitution whose purpose was to severely limit the reach and cost of government. Using the same old bogus “war on terror” rationale, the 4th Amendment continues to be trashed as Americans become further enslaved.

Now the Feds are proposing new regulations to keep track of all personal monetary transfers across our borders. Generously, they only want to know about those above $1,000 for businesses! What business it of theirs? Oh, I forgot. Fighting that old bogeyman “terrorism.” And “drug dealers” (in competition with the CIA). How long will Americans put up with this bull***t?

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2 responses to ““Resentment Toward Government” Makes You a Suspect

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  2. Ya left out ‘outlaw motorcycle gangs’…

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