Has Corn Lost that Lovin Lobby Feelin’??

More about the Security Industry Association’s relationship with Oklahoma lawmakers.

Capitol Beat OK reports;


State Sen. Kenneth Corn, the Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor in the November election, has proposed what he termed “the toughest crackdown in state history” on lobbyists and “special interests.” He unveiled the idea at a state Capitol press conference today (Wednesday, September 29).

In a press release, Corn said he would propose reforms to require the Legislature to comply with open meetings and open records provisions. He said a “stench rising from the dome of the Capitol” has led him to press for intensified disclosure of links between lobbyists, legislators, special interests and groups seeking to influence the legislative process

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Kenneth Corn Industry Top Contributors

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Maybe its a  strange case of the Corn calling the kettle black….


2 responses to “Has Corn Lost that Lovin Lobby Feelin’??

  1. What else would ya expect… Lie to get elected…

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