The PNSR Vision “Operation MERCY” Scenario 7: A Brave New World

Scenario 7: A Brave New World


“There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution.”
– Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World



Kaye Beach

Oct 14, 2010

See 2020 Vision Operation MERCY Cleansing the World of the Behaviorally Unfit

Transhumanism, Neuro-vaccines, nanobots, genetic engineering….There is so much weirdness here I hardly know where to begin.  I am glad to know someone is looking a little further down the road than the next election but the more I study these papers and the people working on revamping national security policy, the more I think that the lunatics are running the asylum.

I will be posting what I have found out about  the people behind the Project for National Security Reform soon.

Until then, a little closer look at some of the themes from the Vision Working Group Report;

“…the Neuro-Psychological Health Interagency Team has developed a three-point plan to end the scourge of violence from the Earth once and for all. ” Scenario7: A Brave New World from the PNSR Vision Working Group Report

The Project on National Security Reform (PNSR)

The Project on National Security Reform (PNSR) is a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization working to modernize and improve the U.S. national security system to better protect the American people against twenty-first century dangers. Funded and supported by Congress, foundations, and corporations, PNSR is carrying out one of the most comprehensive studies of the U.S. national security system in American history.  More

The whole point of this project, according to participants, is  to re-write the National Security Act of1947

The Project also strongly pushes creating a Center for Strategic Analysis and Assessment within the Executive Office of the President

The Documents

Forging A New Shield

Vision Working Group Report and Scenarios

Strategic Studies Institute United States Army War College

Scenario 7:“In this scenario, we examine a plan to apply proven neuroscience, psychiatric, and medical techniques to the control of pathological behaviors in a world of readily accessible weapons of mass destruction”

The scenario goes on to list a series of horrible disasters then informs that;

“Beginning in 2016, parents, who were already accustomed to eliminating genetic diseases from their unborn children, became enthusiastic supporters of new screening tests for the genetic and epigenetic markers of neurological disorders and violent pathological tendencies.”

Eliminating genetic disease from unborn children?

From EPIC:

Pre-implantation testing of embryos has grown with the increasing use of IVF technology. The DNA of an eight-cell human embryo can be examined for genetic traits and abnormalities, allowing prospective parents to determine which embryos they wish to implant. Physicians involved with IVF see this as a positive development, permitting an increasing number of healthy births. They generally focus on the ability of people who carry a gene for a known disorder to choose an embryo that is free of that disorder. Some opponents of abortion even see pre-implantation testing as a way to make “choice” about a pregnancy before the pregnancy begins. However, the ability to “customize” babies causes concerns among ethicists, as they envision a future in which embryos are selected not only to minimize potential illness but to enhance competitive advantage and social status through traits such as height, eye color, musical talent, athletic ability or intelligence.

Treatment is necessary;

“By 2030. . . It became clear that the vast majority of violent youth crime was being committed by a fairly small slice of the population, a part that had not been treated as children.”

Google has apparently let the cat out of the bag on Operation MERCY;

“On April 23 of this year, the Google Times leaked details of Operation MERCY, causing it to be cut off prematurely. This covert operation was undertaken with the full consent of the UN Public Health and Bioethics Council and with the participation of our European and Asian allies.”

As far back as the early 2020s, the World Health Organization has been using aerosol techniques to disperse vaccines and genetically modified viruses to treat many of the underdeveloped world’s worst diseases. Operation MERCY’s mission was to adapt these techniques to apply neuro-therapeutic measures to failed states around the world, starting with the Abbasid Republic.

The Google leak will obviously make this task much harder. Already several nations are putting their nations on a war footing. It won’t be easy to send vaccine-dispersal drones over these countries now, even for routine disease control. I ask that you support our efforts in this important public health initiative.

First, we propose that the United States work with the UN Public Health and Bioethics Council and our European and Asian allies to establish the goal of 100 percent national participation in a new Operation MERCY before the decade is out.

They (we) have a plan to help the people of the world who are being denied this amazing treatment to fix the behaviorally undesirable;

“we propose that the UN develop contingency plans for inoculating the populations of any pariah nation that does not voluntarily participate in the program”


We will use the same aerosol dispersion techniques the World Health Organization has been using for the past two decades to distribute vaccines and genetically modified viruses.”

One (imaginary future)congressman interjects;

“…what you are proposing is altering the minds of people you don’t like against their will. How do you square this mission with the medical oath you took to “do no harm?” “

The Colonel squares that small ethical problem by rationalizing that;

“These are people who already don’t have a choice.”

“All truly new ideas destroy what they replace.” — PNSR Vision Working Group

The scenario is followed by these discussion points;


  • What is the role of government in controlling pathological and anti-social behavior worldwide?
  • If we develop the capability to cure pathological behaviors, will we use it and how will we use it? What are the unintended consequences?
  • How will pathological behavior be defined? Who will define it?
  • What moral, ethical, and legal issues does this raise in regard to the U.S. population? . . . the world population?
  • What would our response be to another country using these techniques to control their own population?
  • How would we defend our own population against adversaries?
  • What will be the role of law enforcement and the military if pathological behaviors are reduced or eliminated globally?
  • How would the United States gather the necessary intelligence to determine the psychological health of a noncooperative foreign population?
  • What would be the impact on the economy of a nonpathological, or even happy, populace?
  • • How would these changes affect the congressional committee structure and oversight functions of Congress?

I picked out this sentence;

“new screening tests for the genetic and epigenetic markers of neurological disorders and violent pathological tendencies.”

and did a search on it. This is what came up;

The Center for Global Nonkilling

The first exploratory colloquium, Neuroscience and Nonkilling, was held July 27 -28 2010 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

The purposes of the colloquium included:

• Exploring how neuroscience research might contribute to understanding the human capability to not kill and assessing whether a world without killing is possible

• Gaining greater insights into what we know about the brain and its relationship to killing and nonkilling

• Identifying new revelations from the rapidly expanding field of neuroscience

to help eliminate the conditions that lead to killing and to foster the conditions that support nonkilling attitudes and behaviors.


“It is necessary to increase our knowledge of brain function and its disorders, develop more discriminating techniques and methodologies that will advance this aim, and find new therapeutic strategies for preventing, treating, or curing these intractable disorders, which represent a considerable social and economic burden in Europe, as elsewhere ” (emphasis mine)

Go to

See the document cited

Eugenics is the “applied science or the biosocial movement which advocates the use of practices aimed at improving the genetic composition of a population,”

Obviously this work raises disturbing issues regarding eugenics and genetic engineering. Another aspect to consider would be “Memetic Engineering”

Memetic Engineering is, simply put, the analysis of an individual or individual’s behavior, the selection of specific memes and the distribution or propagation of those memes with the intent of altering the behavior of others

The savvy memetic engineer is able to isolate, study, and subtly manipulate the underlying values systems, symbolic balance and primal atavisms that unconsciously influence the individual psyche and collective identity. A highly educated but susceptible intelligentsia, worldwide travel, and information vectors like the Internet, cable television, and tabloid media, means that hysterical epidemics and disinformation campaigns may become more common. This warfare will be conducted using aesthetics, symbols, and doctrines as camouflage that will ultimately influence our cultural meme pool.

Memetic engineering as a social science lends examples of itself in multiple areas and disciplines. It is currently being examined and researched by the US military as a means to counter insurgency and combat terrorism as explained below in From the Clash to the Confluence of Civilizations by Thomas P.M. Barnett an American military geostrategist, the Pentagon and Richard J. Pech’s
Inhibiting Imitative Terrorism Through Memetic Engineering.

From Wikipedia-More

Who thinks this stuff up?

Look for more about the PNSR soon.


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