Dangerous ID in Oklahoma?

Illegal immigration is one issue, opening the door in Oklahoma to Dangerous ID is another.

It is not necessary to shovel the biometric and other highly personal information of Oklahoma citizens straight into the hungry mouth of the federal government in order to control illegal immigration.  This is a FALSE choice! Don’t fall for it.

Now is a good time to get specific about how we can handle the issue of verifying citizenship without trading our sovereignty away.

Ask Mary for clarity!

Why is Fallin supporting AZ styled Dangerous ID?

Do you want Oklahoma tax dollars spent to send the following information to President Obama and his Department of Homeland Security?

  • Your picture (capable to be spotted and recognized by any government surveillance cameras) as well as your name and address?
  • Your thumbprint?
  • How about any personal information you are forced to include in your professional licensing?
  • A list of all Oklahoma hunters?

This is what happened in Arizona when they passed their Anti-Illegal Immigration Act.

Is this what Mary Fallin is supporting when she says “she supports the Arizona law?”

We need to get Mary Fallin to clarify this position right now!

Go to the Petition

More Information about AZ’s law:

Does the Arizona legislation REALLY accomplish anything and if so, at what cost?

Unfortunately, Arizona Does Not Have It Right


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