Radio Frequency ID Child Tagging Spreads

I am going to have to start a running tally of how many schools are using RFID to tag and track the students.

In the meantime, we may want to ask ourselves where we stand on this issue because I have a feeling we will be dealing with it soon.

Santa Fe uses radio frequency tracking badges

Published October 18, 2010 SANTA FE — Secondary students in the Santa Fe district are required to wear badges on campus that track their whereabouts using radio frequency identification technology.

School officials issued the badges this fall to ensure student safety and achieve more accurate attendance reporting.

Attendance rates haven’t been an issue in the district, but a reliable reporting system might allow Santa Fe to recover more state money from average daily attendance funding, district spokeswoman Patti Hanssard said. The monitoring system only tracks students on campus.

…Since issuing the tracking badges in 2008, Spring has received a $194,000 increase in attendance funding, Hanssard said.

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I want to thank George Orwell for having the depth and foresight to plan my career”

Take a guess who issued that quote?

That would be Richard Chace, head honcho of the SIA, the lobbying group that asked our Governor to, pretty please, kill HB 2569 that was passed overwhelmingly through the Oklahoma State House and Senate.   The same Richard Chace, who was working with Sen Corn in 2009 to pass a bill making RFID chips mandatory in our driver’s licenses!  This was the bill, HB 2569,  that simply proposed to keep these devices off of our driver’s licenses and ID cards.  The same bill supported by people ranging from devout Christians to the ACLU.

Think your wishes as to what your state government will or will not force you to do, will be considered?  Not as long as we refrain from making this sort of UN-representative type of decision making  exceedingly painful for them.

Want to see where Oklahoma stands compared to other states regarding RFID tracking laws?

State Statutes Relating to Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Privacy

Click the link below that says “Meet the Chippers” and consider the votes of the legislators who sold us out to the man who thanks George Orwell for giving him a blue print to make his fortune on when you cast your votes on Nov 2.

Now, you might also remember that our wise legislators here in Oklahoma only a few months ago ridiculed, scoffed and denied the notion of tracking human beings via an RFID chip;

Sen. Tom Adelson ridicules those who object to human beings think to being tagging and tracked like livestock or inventory.

“Claims that the technology will be used to track people are inaccurate” Paul Sund

RFID to Track PEOPLE?! Cops, Big Government Extremists and Corporate Shills Deny the Possibility

Oklahoma Capitol Offenders 2010 HB 2569 Meet the “Chippers”

While one chip in your wallet now does not allow for effective tracking,  RFID technology  is intended to become ubiquitous.  We are already becoming laden with the chips.  Our clothing, various products and items we carry, library books, badges, ID’s and more harbor the devices.  As more and more readers are installed, the ability for the government to know your whereabouts, who you are with, what transactions you make and how you pay, will become painfully obvious.


One response to “Radio Frequency ID Child Tagging Spreads

  1. This would just allow those parents who keep their kids on leashes to ditch the leash and track them on their IPhone…

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