Boren wants to “stamp” out gun crime

I’m thinking this is a poor political move at this time….


Gun Stamp Bill Has Oklahoma Gun Owners Up In Arms

TULSA, Oklahoma — A bill introduced by Representative Dan Boren has firearm owners and gun control supporters in a shootout.

The bill suggests a study into firearm microstamping.

Supporters say microstamping would help law enforcement track bullet cartridges back to the weapon. Opponents in Oklahoma say it’s another shot at gun control, and their second amendment right.

Firearm Microstamping is new technology in which a marking is lasered on a firing pin, making the bullet traceable. Guns don’t currently have the pin. But they could. And it could even be mandatory for guns to be retrofitted for the piece.

‘Yeah it would be nice to have the ability for law enforcement to find the bad guys. Bad guys probably aren’t going to use those weapons,” said Medlock Firearms Manager Brad Wells.

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3 responses to “Boren wants to “stamp” out gun crime

  1. I can’t believe the NRA supports this???

  2. Is this a cry from help from the police unions/orders?

  3. Time for Dan to find another job

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