The Oklahoma Spy Cam Revenue Scheme- A Pop Quiz for Jari and Mary

Kaye Beach

Oct. 24, 2010

The issue of using traffic cameras as a source of revenue enhancement was raised at the Oct 20, 2010 Oklahoma Gubernatorial Debate.  This issue was one of import t0o many Oklahoma residents but had they not insisted upon raising the issue, I doubt that it would have broken the surface of the mainstream media.  If you wonder if your voice counts, the answer is a resounding yes!

Kudos to the grassroots activists and the alternative and mainstream media in Oklahoma for helping the people to be heard and their issues addressed.



Gov. Brad Henry’s Budget Proposal for FY 2011 which was unveiled at the State of the State address proposed;

Automated Enforcement of Vehicle Insurance

The Governor’s budget proposes that the State of Oklahoma better protect Oklahomans from uninsured motorists by increasing drivers’ compliance with compulsory vehicle insurance laws through implementation of an automated enforcement system.

The automated system can be implemented at no cost to the state. It is estimated that the state will collect $95 million in revenues from this program.

Pg A-5

Private company to set up network of cameras to track Oklahoma drivers and issue insurance tickets to generate $95 million a year.

Oklahoma is preparing an unprecedented statewide deployment of automated ticketing machines designed to generate $95 million in revenue. Instead of using red light cameras and speed cameras, the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS) is preparing to sign a contract with a for-profit company that will track all passing motorists with a network of at least twenty automated license plate recognition (ALPR, also known as ANPR) cameras. The devices would also “generate significant additional revenues” by issuing $250 citations for expired insurance using the Oklahoma Compulsory Insurance Verification System (OCIVS) database that went live in July 2009.

“DPS envisions a system of automated enforcement of vehicle insurance which incorporates, at a minimum, the following processes: capture vehicle license plate data from stationary locations along selected highways using cameras (and) barcode scanners,” a DPS request for information dated October 16, 2009 explained. “Oklahoma’s new license plates include a barcode.”

The proposal includes a requirement for the ability to keep “daily statistics and related data on vehicles for which license plate data was captured,” which could include logging the date, time and location any particular vehicle passes a stationary camera. The two largest red light camera vendors, Australia’s Redflex Traffic Systems and American Traffic Solutions (ATS), which is one-third owned by Goldman Sachs, offer a nationwide tracking service that uses automated ticketing machines. ATS has filed a bid for the Oklahoma contract along with several other companies including InsureNet.

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5 responses to “The Oklahoma Spy Cam Revenue Scheme- A Pop Quiz for Jari and Mary

  1. Ah… Did I just hear Fallin indicate she’s for the surveillance ? I do value my privacy. And I don’t want intrusion in my life.

  2. Did either of these ladies work to stop the spy cam revenue scheme for Oklahoma?

  3. Arlene,
    Fallin’s answer was unclear to me.
    Askins’ response indicated that she was familiar with the issue and opposed to implementing surveillance systems that compromised our personal information for revenue enhancement.

    I think Jari Askins hit the nail on the head that it is just this sort of thing that is fueling the Tea Party. Nice to know that she is actually listening to people instead of buying into the propaganda that accuses the movement of less than noble motivations.

  4. Jane,
    Who do you suspect is the Mass Murderers behind the Murrah building bombing?
    I agree with your statement.

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