Mistaken identity leads to arrest of Iraq war veteran in Stillwater

Be sure to read the entire post and see the video in order to get a good idea of the true scope of harm caused to this veteran.  His observation that you are guilty until proven innocent points to a problem inherent with data sleuthing as opposed to good old fashioned investigative work.


STILLWATER — Deputies had the wrong Shawn Dunbar.

The disabled Iraq war veteran was not in Kansas in May 2009 when a Shawn Dunbar allegedly beat a man so bad the victim needed a titanium eye socket and plastic surgery.

In fact, when the assault victim, Jason Gromlovits, saw the 25-year-old Army veteran sitting outside a Kansas courtroom, he knew right away deputies had arrested the wrong Shawn Dunbar.

“They showed him to us, and I was like that’s not even close to the guy,” Gromlovits said. “I’m not sure for what reason they went all the way to Oklahoma to get that guy.”

Although he’s been exonerated by the courts, the wrong Shawn Dunbar said he’s still paying a hefty price for a crime he did not commit.

“You’re guilty until you’re proven innocent,” the wrong Shawn Dunbar said. “I have a lot of mistrust in the government now. You lose trust in the people you fight to protect. It sucks to say that.”

Read more: http://newsok.com/mistaken-identity-leads-to-arrest-of-iraq-war-veteran-in-stillwater/article/3507582#ixzz13OyPlXyn

The victim denies ever identifying the innocent man by photo.  He says the he never gave the authorities a description that matched the falsely arrested Dunbar, yet police did produce a photo and description of Shawn Dunbar and pasted his visage on wanted posters, the same information was used for the arrest warrant.
Big question-where did the police get the data on the innocent Shawn Dunbar?  Did they search the DMV or military databases by name to produce that information and skip the step of having the victim positively ID the man?

“You think they would have at least shown me a photo of the guy,” Gromlovits said. “The Shawn Dunbar I had an altercation with was only about 5-foot, 4-inches tall. The Shawn Dunbar guy down there is a pretty big guy.”

Wanted posters with veteran Dunbar’s photo and description were printed, listing his height at 6 feet and his weight at 200 pounds. A warrant with the same information was issued for Dunbar’s arrest.

Read more: http://newsok.com/mistaken-identity-leads-to-arrest-of-iraq-war-veteran-in-stillwater/article/3507582#ixzz13OypurHi


5 responses to “Mistaken identity leads to arrest of Iraq war veteran in Stillwater

  1. Very sloppy police work

  2. testung.

  3. finally, problems posting here.
    I say its terrible Incompetence on the part of the police, if they had a photograph of Shawn they should have showed it to the victim fi rst, then all this Fiasco wouldn’t have happened.

  4. There are people that need to be behind bars for ‘wrongful imprisonment’… and more…

  5. We need to cut back on the police force and expand on the Sheriff…

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