Oklahoma SQ 754 and 755 Conundrum

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State Question 754 Aimed at Stopping Education Funding Question 744


Ed Murray, News 9

posted 10/28/10

Key Point-

…some have asked what will happen if voters approve both questions, since 744 and 754 counter each other?

Oklahoma State Statute, Title 34 Section 21 states “if two or more conflicting amendments are approved in the state election, the one with the most yes votes prevails.” That could mean something called voter fatigue could help determine the outcome, 744 appears first on the ballot while 754 is question number 8.

Personally,I would defer to Brogdon this one.   I trust his research staff and if they are right, passing 754 could be big trouble.  Better safe than sorry.


OKLAHOMA CITY — State Question 754 is directly aimed at stopping the education funding question — State Question 744, but unlike the candidates on November 2, both questions have the potential to win.

The resolution that became State Question 754 passed through the legislature with bi-partisan support, but now, just like with State Question 744, there have been comments of good intentions but bad unforeseen consequences.

State Representative Leslie Osborn, R-Tuttle, said she wrote 754 not only to stop the education funding mandate question but to keep the current appropriations process intact. But a line in the resolution that the measure could not require the legislature to fund state functions based on predetermined constitutional formulas has several of her colleagues now opposed to it.

State Senator Randy Brogdon said it could stop funding for 31 other agencies.

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