Oklahoma Beat the “Chippers”!

A refresher on the Anti Chipping Bill,  HB 2569;

For a more in depth review see “Meet The Chippers”

HOUSE BILL 2569    would have protected the privacy and dignity of Oklahoman’s by prohibiting the use of RFID chips on our state driver’s license and ID cards.

(I noticed that the Nebraska Grassroots are getting their yuks up at the chippers’ expense-Cheers!)

This popular bill passed both the House and the Senate and was sent to the Governor on 4/26/10.

HB 2569 was targeted from the beginning by an out-of-state special interest group called SIA (Security Industry Associations, in Alexandria, VA).

Later, legislator-turned-lobbyist Jim Dunlap, representing HID Global (a SIA member) attempted have the bill amended to allow for RFID tracking tags on our OK DL/IDs.

After much uproar the amendment was withdrawn.

4/26/10 SIA CEO Richard Chace sent a letter to the Governor asking him to veto HB 2569;

Henry vetoed the bill on 4/28/10.

The House ran a veto override on 5/11/10 which failed 69-19. [13 members were excused, several of whom walked the vote].

Although support was secured for a 2nd veto override attempt, House leadership balked and wouldn’t run it.

Now!  Here are the less than chipper “Chippers” after the election results rolled in Nov 2, 2010

Ken Corn gets a special honor because he wrote the bill in 2009 to try and slip the chip into our drivers licenses AND because Richie “the Chipper” Chace sent Ken Corn one of his special notes about it.




























Richard Chace-Business is Booming


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