Oklahoma Legislators get the Boot “What did they ever do to stir up the voters?”

Kaye Beach


Could this after election analysis be just a tiny bit off base?

Turnout high in state’s GOP areas, low in Dem strongholds

Nov 4, 2010

From the Tulsa world;

“Shapard said disaffection for the Democratic president was undoubtedly a factor in the GOP sweep of statewide offices and the defeat of six Democratic legislators.”

Bill Shapard, the president of SoonerPoll.com offered this explanation for some of the losses in Tuesday’s election;

“Obama is so much in the minds of the voters, it blocks out everything else, including why they vote (for whom). . . Look at Neil Brannon or Glen Bud Smithson or Jay Paul Gumm.  What did they ever do to stir up the voters?” Read more from the Tulsa World

I don’t know about that.   Some of these guys may have earned their defeat.

Glen Bud Smithson’s voting record in particular, is shockingly out of step with most Oklahomans regardless of political stripe.

Do these positions represent the people of Sequoyah County?

House Joint Resolution 1003 proposed a resolution on behalf of our lawmakers to honor the Tenth Amendment of The Bill of Rights which defines the scope of power held by the states.

Representative Smithson voted NO

HB 2569 proposed to prohibit embedding RFID tracking chips in state driver’s licenses and ID cards.

Representative Smithson voted NO (So did Brannon!)

HB 2369 proposed to require notification and the written consent of one parent before their child be given an invasive, irreversible surgical procedure such as an abortion.

Representative Smithson voted NO.

House Bill 2628 proposed to require written permission from parents before their child could participate in sex education classes at school.

Representative Smithson Voted NO
Senate Bill 334 proposed to repeal the Death Tax.

Representative Smithson voted NO

I think the voters deserve a little more credit.


2 responses to “Oklahoma Legislators get the Boot “What did they ever do to stir up the voters?”

  1. I think we sent a strong message to the GOP, the dems are done and you better get in line or you are gone to…

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