Random Red Light Scamera News

Redlight cameras going in at Ogden-Eola
Chicago Sun-Times
AURORA — The intersection with the highest number of crashes in the city last year will soon have red light enforcement cameras. Installation of the
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Albuquerque’s redlight cameras to return Friday
ALBUQUERQUE, NM (AP) — The redlight cameras in Albuquerque will be turned back on early Friday morning. They were turned off on Oct. 26 when a contract
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Letters: Redlight cameras angst
Houston Chronicle
The city officials responsible for the redlight cameras are either arrogant or incompetent (or maybe both). They should have sent a letter to ATS giving
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Red light cameras to monitor Ogden at Eola
Chicago Daily Herald
None of the red light cameras will be connected to Aurora’s new traffic control system, traffic engineer Eric Gallt said, because the new system is not
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Keep cameras, vans on the job
The Daily Advertiser
For one reason, a popular vote against redlight cameras in Houston and a Louisiana Supreme Court decision not to try to reinstate cameras in New Orleans
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Violations generally clear in photos, videos of redlight runners
Colorado Springs Gazette
The officers stationed in an office at the back of the municipal courthouse never see most of the photos taken by the high-powered redlight cameras.
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Fun! The speed camera that doesn’t just check your speed

At a stroke this eliminates speed cameras and redlight cameras (which are serviced by third-party operators in return for a cut of the take) as well as
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Red light cameras voted out – BaytownSun.com: News
Tuesday night, with early votes, mail-in votes and over half of Election Day votes counted, Baytown’s Proposition 1, limiting the use of red light cameras,


Grits for Breakfast: Houston wants to continue redlight cameras
By Gritsforbreakfast
Although voters abolished Houston’s red light camera system Tuesday, the 70 cameras have the green light to keep recording traffic violations for months as the city weighs a legal strategy for exiting its contract with the firm
Grits for Breakfast – http://gritsforbreakfast.blogspot.com/

Bring the Scameras Down! » Amber-light scam hidden Database
In some U.S. jurisdictions where redlight cameras were used, they discovered the vast majority of so-called red-light runners are ticketed 0.1 or 0.2 seconds after the light turns red. Some states have mandated longer amber times which
Bring the Scameras Down! – http://naturaltreasure.net/scameras/

Seattle’s KING 5 News Interviews YAL at WCC President | Bastiat
By Mikayla Hall
Making banning local red light cameras a large focus, the YAL chapter at Whatcom Community College (Bellingham, WA) has been at the forefront of the Ban Cams movement. Recently the chapter president, Johnny Weaver, was interviewed by
Bastiat Institute – http://www.bastiatinstitute.org/


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