OKC- WellCheck Mall Flu Shot Mystery

From The Oklahoma Watchdog

OKLAHOMA CITY – When Lesley Ley, an Oklahoma City-based licensed practical nurse heard that a national company was hiring nurses to administer flu shots in a local mall, she jumped at the chance to make some extra money prior to a trip.

Ley said she first became aware of the flu clinic, to be set up at Penn Square Mall, in September. She provided a copy of an email that was circulated and stated: “WellCheck will be operating its 2010 seasonal flu shot program in 150 malls in 35 states.”

The email was sent out on Sept. 3, 2010 by a woman named Gabriela Miller, representing New York-based WellCheck run by brothers Jack and Ralph Tawil. The email also lists the information WellCheck requires from nurses who are interested in participating.

Ley said she agreed to participate. She said she sent WellCheck her W2 information, nurse license verification form, and other forms of personal information. She said they agreed to pay her $22 an hour.

But when Ley arrived at Penn Square Mall in Oklahoma City on Saturday Oct. 9, she and another young woman who was to work as a greeter were the only ones to show up. The young woman, Ley said, had been hired through a local temp agency.

“It started to get weird when I showed up,” Ley said.

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This the message on WellCheck’s website.

Next Gen Healthcare?  I’m not impressed.

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2 responses to “OKC- WellCheck Mall Flu Shot Mystery

  1. Another reason why I will NOT get a flu shot…

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