Hats Off to Jesse Ventura-Fusion Centers Exposed!

Oklahoma Information Fusion Center Power Point

Americans need to know about these new UN-American institutions.

Much appreciation to the Governor and his show for diving into the Fusion Centers!

Skeptical?  See the documents for yourself.

Operation DeFuse

These are the questions to ask about fusion centers


7 responses to “Hats Off to Jesse Ventura-Fusion Centers Exposed!

  1. Ventura’s show is just that, a show. Its ‘entertainment’, a diversion to occupy the masses while the real technological ‘beast’ just keeps on rising right before you, or do you already know that? Converging technologies will enable a ‘psycho-civilized society’.

  2. Lance, I am also very worried about the rise of the techno control state but it is not rising in a vacuum. Misuse of technology must be perpetrated (at least for now) by our governors and it is more likely the people will understand and control their government than the technology so I’m all for anything that might expose the dangerous and unlawful policies and practices of our government to the public. The sensationalistic flavor isn’t my cup of tea, I admit, but whatever it takes. His show has opened the eyes of some of my family whereas all that I have been trying to show them for years has had little effect.
    I am becoming less picky these days, you know?

  3. LANCE, we’re in a re-run of Europe, 1938, and you snarf at a public servant who brings critical information to you? AH! We see that the great stupefication of the electorate is a mission accomplished. Only the harvest remains.

  4. You go, Girl!!!

  5. Again we have the growing of government intrusion into the private sector and very potentially the privacy of our citizens. Who watches over the Fusion centers and the data bases they are allowed to access? I have a very uneasy feeling about this will be addressing my legislators about this.

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  7. I have been going on about these camps for years, and everyone thought I was nuts. I sure wish I were…that would be nice. Let us hope it won’t be too late.

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