New Jersey Legislators Stand Up to the TSA

News article

New Jersey lawmakers seek to stop airport security scans

The use of full-body scanners at airports should be reconsidered because the machines are ineffective, are overly intrusive and open the door to further invasions of privacy depending on how the images are retained, New Jersey state lawmakers said Monday as they announced a resolution urging Congress to review the program.


One response to “New Jersey Legislators Stand Up to the TSA

  1. This is Govt, out of control, it will be the TSA agents that will soon have guns to go with their Cracker Jack Badges. The IRS have tactical shotguns, so why not the TSA. Did you know, that YOU as an American, give up your citizenship rights when you deal with the TSA? They can hold you for as long as they wish just because you say something they dont like. I know first hand. I found out that my first amendment rights were gone. I knew guns were not allowed, so there goes your 2nd amendment rights. Due Process? what the heck is that, when you are dealing with an out of control agency such as the TSA. It is time, to take back America and put in common sense rules. Strip searches on all muslims, period, to check body cavities. Allow AMERICAN pilets get onboard, as they can do as they wish with the plane anyway. If there is a muslim pilet, and you have doubts about his loyality, then fire him. Simple, fire him. Leave those elderly with knee replacements alone, leave the disabled alone, how simple can that be?

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