Why I Filed Suit Against the TSA

This may possibly be the first lawsuit filed against the TSA by an individual  according to Jon;

November 16, 2010

My name is Jon, and I’m an entrepreneur and a frequent traveller, both for my businesses and for personal travel.  My largest business works in technology, and quite simply, I need to fly to maintain my customer relationships.  About 2 weeks ago, the TSA introduced new screening policies at airport checkpoints all over the country.  To put it bluntly, travellers are given a choice between letting the TSA photgraph or touch your private parts.

. . .

This afternoon, I filed lawsuit in Federal court in Miami requesting an injunction against the TSA to prevent them from touching or photographing our private areas without any reasonable suspicion.  Having grown up in New York and personally seeing the smoke rise from the towers that morning in 2001, I know the threat of terrorism is real, and I know we must defend ourselves.  This does not mean that the Constitution should be ignored, and indeed, the TSA has plenty of alternative screening procedures that are less invasive.  Besides the privacy issue, there have been health issues raised as to the radiation produced by the imaging devices, as well as efficacy issues, with no good studies having been done to show that this imagry makes us any safer.

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4 responses to “Why I Filed Suit Against the TSA

  1. Hello,

    Thanks for the link! To clarify, this is, to my knowledge, the first lawsuit filed by an individual over the new screening procedures. The TSA has been sued by EPIC already over the scanners. This may be the first suit covering an enhanced pat down as well.



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  3. The TSA or should I say the Govt. is out of control. Neither the pat down, or the Peep N post machine (full body scanner) will find explosives hidden in body cavities. Now, think about this, we had the underwear bomber, so you know they dont think about their “junk” down there. So they can just pack it in. Women have a couple of choices, and finally, big fat people like me, I have folds and folds of skin, I know I can tuck a small gun (or large gun) inbetween the rolls of fat, it would evade the body scanner, and it would still evade a “pat down” they would have to pick up part of my gut, and check under the many rolls of fat! I no longer fly. I will drive, where I can carry my gun legally, as I have a CCW license in the State of OK. Here is what we as American’s must do, we must boycott the airlines. plain and simple.

  4. Hopefully a lot more of this is on the way.

    And the thread of terrorism isn’t all that real even. It’s more likely that you’ll be killed by lightning than a terrorist attack.

    If there have been no successful attacks on our country in 9 years since increasing security measures and going to war with those who would attack us, there’s no reason to be adding additional security measures. If it’s not broke, why try to fix it?

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