Garden Plot Gets an Upgrade:’Civil Disturbance Operations CONPLAN 3502′


National Level Exercise 2011 docs found on Army Corps fileserver prove upgrade for Secret ‘Civil Disturbance Operations CONPLAN 3502’ the Master Pentagon Blueprint for RNC/G20 Lockdowns, Policing Disasters & More

AxXiom For Liberty Radio interviews Dan Feidt on his find

Dan walks us through it-

By Dan Feidt for Twin Cities Indymedia

Digital presentations posted on an Army Corps of Engineers server, about military operations in a giant FEMA-simulated earthquake drill called National Level Exercise 2011, inadvertently reveal crucial new info about another ‘Secret’ Pentagon plan, Northcom CONPLAN 3502, including the “trigger” for domestic military ‘Civil Disturbance Operations.’ CONPLAN 3502 and CONPLAN 3501, ‘Defense Support of Civil Authorities,’ are the two main military plans used to design the Pentagon’s ‘footprint’ at National Special Security Events like the 2008 Republican National Convention.

Exactly as the Pennsylvania National Guard took over the G20 protester jail operation, other docs show ‘Secret’ CONPLAN 3502 specifically plans for military-operated detention and search operations within our country. In context, the new material is the most troubling I have ever discovered, and proves anew that underneath Constitutional limited government, a more brutal martial framework is secretly, constantly, extending its reach. DHS/FEMA doesn’t like it at all when NLEs get publicized so check it out right away. Full URLs below.

oin Dan on Axxiom For Liberty Radio – – 6:30PM Friday. Below the fold: CONPLAN 3502 & Garden Plot – 40 years of domestic military plans in context – G20 Pennsylvania Military Operations – Real structure of National Special Security Events – CONPLAN 3501 Designs Gulf Oil Spill Response & Media Spin –

The Big Break: FEMA NLE Regional Readiness Workshop files (indexed on Google)

Read More (links for CONOP 3501 3502 documents)

Background info.

Continuity of Government Plan


Army Civil Disturbance Plan Garden Plot-Declassified documents


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