Get Mad! Get Active! National Opt Out Day Nov. 24th!

TSA pat-down leaves bladder cancer survivor covered in urine

A retired special ed teacher, a bladder cancer survivor, who wears a urostomy bag, was utterly humiliated and broke down in tears, because he ended up soaked in his own urine after suffering through a traumatic TSA pat-down.

I was absolutely humiliated, I couldn’t even speak,” said Thomas

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Amputee forced to remove prosthesis, expose residual limb, be separated from 4yo son

I had just been put in the Plexiglas screening booth,” said Peggy. “My 4-year-old son was made to sit across from me, crying because they would not let him touch me. Everyone was looking at us. Then the TSA agent asked for my prosthetic leg. I knew they could wand my leg, but he insisted on taking it from me. And if that wasn’t humiliating enough, he asked for the liner sock that covers my residual limb, saying I had to give it to him. I felt pressured to give him my liner even though it is critical to keep it sanitary. I was embarrassed to have my residual limb exposed in public.”

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TSA agents took my son

As I sit and write this post, 24 hours after this event took place, my hands still shake… with rage and with terror.

I woke up this morning to my husband’s alarm clock, sat straight up in bed and thought “Where’s Jackson?” with fear paralyzing me.

My worst nightmare took place yesterday. Worse than events that have taken place and that I have survived in my short 28 years of living. Worse than my wildest of dreams could conjure.

My son was taken from me.


My son was taken from me by the TSA agents at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson airport yesterday.

He was taken away from me and OUT OF MY SIGHT because his pacifier clip went off when I carried him through the metal detector.

According to the Transportation Security Administration website,We will not ask you to do anything that will separate you from your child or children.”

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TSA pat-down of shirtless boy, 8, adds fuel to the ire

He looked like Public Enemy No. 1 by the way security screeners were treating him — and he’s only 8 years old.

The little boy is seen on a disturbing Internet video being forced to take off his sweatshirt and stand bare-chested as he is surrounded by four airport-security agents, one of whom runs the back of his hand across the front of the boy’s pants. The child is then sent on his way.

The video, taken last Friday at Salt Lake City International Airport, according to the YouTube user who uploaded it, was one of several troubling allegations against Transportation Security Administration screeners that came to light yesterday.

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“Are they Arresting a kid?”



11/24: TSA ‘Opt-Out’ day

I don’t know about you, but I will not fly until this stupid, intrusive, dangerous, and humiliating new TSA policy of  using reveal-all scanning devices at airports is overturned. And the even more humiliating “pat down” procedure if you opt out of the scan has got to go too.

From the American Thinker


2 responses to “Get Mad! Get Active! National Opt Out Day Nov. 24th!

  1. I am beyond anger! OUTRAGED!!!! There are no words to fully express how I feel about this……no words!!! They stripped that child and touched him!!

  2. Im outraged as well. Though I dont fly anymore, I will do what I can to protest this intrusion. To spread the word, Ive tweeted it.

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