OKC Airport Considers Ditching TSA, Hiring Private Screeners

Will Rogers World Airport in OKC does not have the body scanning devices YET…..

Send them an email and ask them to please, not get the things!

For general comments or questions: wrwa@okc.gov



OKLAHOMA CITY — With less than a week away from the busiest travel day of the year, the TSA is making changes to the controversial screening procedures.Pilots will catch a break, but passengers will be required to go through body scanners or the more intrusive pat-downs, or both.

The public scrutiny couldn’t come at a busier time.With the public outcry of the aggressive pat-downs, some airports are looking into hiring private screeners.

One of the airports is Oklahoma City’s Will Rogers World Airport.The airport received a letter from a Florida representative encouraging airports to ultimately ditch TSA agents all together.Leaders at the Will Rogers World Airport are looking at what it would take to make that happen.”Right now, what we are trying to do is gather information — as much information as we can about the opt-out program, so that we can move forward and learn about the program,” said airport spokeswoman Karen Carney.

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3 responses to “OKC Airport Considers Ditching TSA, Hiring Private Screeners

  1. Oklahoma has done some great things here recently. I hope we can show the nation once again how it’s done by firing TSA.

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  3. “HIPAA is often described as a privacy rule. It is not. In fact, HIPAA is a disclosure regulation, and it has effectively dismantled the longstanding moral and legal tradition of patient confidentiality.”

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