Tulsa International Airport National Opt Out Day

Majority of Americans Now Oppose Body Scanners and TSA Pat Downs

A new poll by Zogby International finds that 61% of Americans polled between Nov. 19 and Nov. 22 oppose the use of full body scans and TSA pat downs.  Of those polled, 52% believe the enhanced security measures will not prevent terrorist activity, almost half (48%) say it is a violation of privacy rights, 33% say they should not have to go through enhanced security methods to get on an airplane, and 32% believe the full body scans and TSA pat downs to be sexual harassment. The Zogby Poll is the most recent survey of American opinion on the new airport screening procedures. Combined with earlier polls by USA Today and the Washington Post-ABC News, the Zogby Poll reflects declining support for the TSA program.

If you would like to participate in educating travelers on passenger security tomorrow, please refer to guidelines provided by TUL;

Tulsa International Airport Permission and Rules for Leafletting 11-24-2010

Wednesday, November 24, 2010 anytime between 5 AM an 10pm

Where: Tulsa International Airport
7777 E. Apache St.
Tulsa, OK 74115


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Tips for helping you Survive Your Government Grope

NOTE: Even if you choose to go through a scanner (which will produce a picture of you naked and subject you to radiation)* you still may get pulled out for an “Enhanced Pat Down Search.”  Before a TSA employee puts their hand on you – insist that they put on a clean gloves. Here is a short list of parasites and infections that could be transferred from an earlier passenger to you:

(* The only people who say that the scanners are safe are the government and the companies

selling the machines. BUT both made sure you could not sue them when you get cancer before they would put the machines in airports: www.SafteyAct.gov).

National Opt Out Day TSA Flyer

Link  http://wewontfly.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/YouHaveTheRight.pdf

What the TSA Isn’t Telling You


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