A4L Radio Tonight: Fusion Centers, Gun Control and the UN

Intelligence Led Policing, sovereignty, privacy and self-determination do NOT mix

“We know too that globalization is a permanent fact.  The international economy is the engine of our nation, and the source of our wealth. This means more for law enforcement than is generally realized. .

It means that all the physical and conceptual walls associated with the modern, sovereign state—the walls that divide domestic from international, the police from the military, intelligence from law enforcement, war from peace, and crime from war—are coming down. “

Source-THE NEW PARADIGM—MERGING LAW ENFORCEMENT AND COUNTERTERRORISM STRATEGIES Secure Cities 2006 http://www.scribd.com/doc/21970726/IACP-Intelligence-Led-Policing-2006-New-Paradigm


The International Association of Chiefs of Police, the IACP,  has been actively promoting their ideals by acting as a law enforcement advisory to the Dept. of Justice, FBI and other federal agencies.

They advocate the complete removal of traditional barriers between various agencies both vertically and horizontally.

The structure proposed by the IACP and accepted by the DoJ involves partnerships between private, public, military and governmental for the purpose of monitoring and controlling the population.

The IACP also sits in leadership positions on the GIWG-Global Intelligence Working Group as well as many other key policy making groups.

Listen live online from 6-8pm cst on The Rule Of Law Radio


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