The (SP)Eyes of Texas are upon you

Houston.  You have a problem!

Judge issues injunction, leaving red light cams up

HOUSTON (KTRK) — The saga over Houston’s red light cameras is not finished. A judge has ordered the cameras stay in place — for now.

But in the battle over thousands of dollars, you could be paying in the future. Voters chose to do away with the red light cameras in the election earlier this month. But the fight between the city of Houston and the company that makes the cameras is being taken to court.

These cameras may not only stay up, our legal analyst says this federal lawsuit means they could be turned back on — sooner than you think. On November 15, we told you the city of Houston filed a federal lawsuit against American Traffic Solutions, the red light company vendor. Three days ago, ATS, filed a counterclaim, saying the city broke its contract and that the election is invalid.

Then there is this;

Homeland Security picking up tab for 250-300 surveillance cameras

Does Texas Have the (Bureaucratic) ‘Biometric Blues’?


8 responses to “The (SP)Eyes of Texas are upon you

  1. Kaye, Why don’t they just shoot out the cameras whenever they are installed?

  2. I’m sure Texans will figure something out.

  3. They Do have a special way about them…

  4. Patricia, as legend has it, they do! :)

  5. An Okie licks thumb and wipes over front sight…

  6. At the intersection by my house, a little ‘beautification’ was made about three months ago The fancy lighting and new signals are pretty cool, but there’s a little brother camera along with a red light camera. Beats me why they installed the little brother cam there. It’s not a high crime area according to my city’s crime map.

    I might lay a sign on top of my car with a message for the camera watchers.

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