The Palo Alto Police State

An electronic police state is characterized by this:

State use of electronic technologies to record, organize,
search and distribute forensic evidence against its
The two crucial facts about the information gathered under an electronic
police state are these:
1. It is criminal evidence, ready for use in a trial.
2. It is gathered universally and silently, and only later organized for
use in prosecutions.
In an Electronic Police State, every surveillance camera recording, every
email you send, every Internet site you surf, every post you make, every
check you write, every credit card swipe, every cell phone ping… are all
criminal evidence, and they are held in searchable databases, for a long,
long time.

From “The Electronic Police State”

New East Palo Alto license plate readers will run plates through crime databases

By Joshua Adam Hicks | 30 Nov 2010

By the new year, the East Palo Alto Police Department will be using automatic license plate readers to identify law breakers.

The City Council has agreed to pay for the new devices – including two sets of high-speed cameras and sophisticated computers – with a $37,540 grant from the U.S. Department of Justice.

Police can use the technology to compare license plates with various crime databases. East Palo Alto Police Chief Ronald Davis said his department will only use it to check for stolen cars and vehicles that are wanted in connection with a crime.

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Our  Big Brother buddies at the IACP have been pumping this.

Like I have said:

If you want to know what your government to going to do to you next, then keep your eye on the IACP

And Oklahoma’s Turnpike Authority is leading the charge for a “License Plate Interoperability Hub”

So what’s the problem?

Here’s one for you;

Family Terrorized Due to Switched License Plate

Paid for with federal grants


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