Dec 3, 2010 A4L Show Notes

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Gorilla Gambit-

Ron Black’s links about the grassroots’ bamboozlement;
Grassroots Grumbles;

From the Online Poop:
As the Oklahoma political landscape begins to take shape after a Republican sweep I have to ask, “Where’s the seat at the table for the OK Conservative Grassroots like we were promised?


Agenda 21-The UN in OK?

•Got property?
•Want Property?
•Like to keep it?


City of Edmond Planning Department to Hold Sustainability Forum, Wants Feedback.



Listen to last weeks show for more about the IACP


Obama Nominates Rabid Anti-gunner to Head the ATF


Fingerprinting Comes to OK

Biometric Basics

Great resource-The Constitutional Alliance Get the Book!  Your Body Is Your ID

“We’re starting the process of biometrifying  a good proportion of the world population“

–Mocny DHS

Leave Them Kids Alone-Kiddie Fingerprinting, The Facts
Nobody BLEEPS with The DMV

Your Face is NOT a Bar Code
Arguments against public use of facial recognition

The Book-Your Body Is Your ID


China’s All Seeing Eye

With the help of U.S. defense contractors, China is building the prototype for a high-tech police state. It is ready for export

California Vision 2015
The utilization of handheld biometric scanners are key to Goal #8
Which is to get those that are deemed “a possible threat to public safety” identified and cataloged in the federal biometric repositories.

And then there is “Vision 2015” Global Intelligence Enterprise

America’s Growing Surveillance Society by Rep. Sam Rohrer

BIMA The ALL in One Identity Management Agency
Warfighter, Business, Intelligence, and Security & Law Enforcement

Sheriff Will Identify People With a Retinal Scan-Texas 2010

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