Random Red Light Camera News and Views

City Wants to Add Red Light Cameras Outside of Downtown
By Steve Wainfor Videos of accidents and near misses that have been caught on photo red light cameras from around the city are the very reason the city is

About Face on Red Light Cameras?
WashMo.com (blog)
In tonight’s hotly debated City Council meeting, the Washington Chief of Police ( Chief Hahn) has apparently done an about face on Red Light Cameras in the

Two More California Cities Reject Red Light Cameras
Red light cameras are nowhere near as popular as they once were with Golden State municipalities. Loma Linda and Whittier became the most recent examples of

More than a third of red light camera citations go unpaid
Franklin Park Herald Journal
By MARK LAWTON mlawton@pioneerlocal.com More than a third of drivers who are cited in Northlake via red light cameras are not paying their fines.
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Running Reds: The Camera Cash Cow
The Atlantic
[O]verall collisions are up at the intersections where Clarksville has installed red light cameras (a result we’ve seen nearly everywhere they’ve been
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Red Light Runners
What really floored him was a burgundy car…rocketing through a red light on Millbranch. It lost control, cutting off a van before wiping-out.

Speed camera becomes a lottery
Greater Greater Washington
From your description, it sounds like you’re referring to the red light cameras in Rosslyn instead. by Froggie on Dec 7, 2010 2:28 pm My favorite part is

Talk of the County
Chicago Sun-Times
Regarding redlight cameras. I wonder how many frames of that film are wasted on police cars that don’t stop and run through the lights?

Clearwater pushes ahead with red light cameras – St. Petersburg Times
The City Council votes 3-2 to install the devices to record and fine red light runners. CLEARWATER — One after another, people came before the City Council


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