What Really Keeps Eric Holder Awake at Night

Kaye Beach

Dec 22, 2010

In an interview with ABC’s “Good Morning America,” U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder spoke of the ongoing fight to protect American national security and expressed his growing concern with the threat of homegrown terror – a danger which he said  “keeps me up at night.” Link

More than likely what is keeping Eric Holder up at nights is a guilty conscious.

If you are even slightly familiar with the torture/murder of Kenneth Trentadue at the OK. Federal Prison Transfer Center and the endless battle endured by the family of the slain man, you will know what I mean.

. . .on March 12, 1998, the Assistant Attorney General of Oklahoma,Patrick T. Crawley, wrote to the US Department of Justice:

“The real tragedy in this case appears to be the perversion of law through chicanery and the misuse of public trust under the guise of some aberrant form of federalism. In a succession of either illegal, negligent, or just plain stupid acts, your clients [FBI, DOJ, Bureau of Prisons] succeeded in derailing the medical examiner’s investigation and, thereby, may have obstructed justice in this case. As more and more information is revealed in this case, primarily through the efforts of Jesse Trentadue [lawyer brother of victim], it appears that your clients, and perhaps others within the Department of Justice, have been abusing the powers of their respective offices. If this is true, all Americans should be very frightened of your clients and the DOJ.”

Read more from A Coverup That Won’t Stay Covered by Paul Craig Roberts

From Intelwire:

Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue is taking aim at President Barack Obama’s nominee for Attorney General.

In a letter to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy late last week, Trentadue charged that Eric Holder — a Deputy Attorney General during the Clinton Administration — took part in covering up the alleged murder of Trentadue’s brother, Kenneth, in August 1995. Trentadue included copies of several internal Justice Department documents which he alleges show
Holder’s role in a cover-up.

Read the letter and documents

Here is a transcript of a recent interview with Jesse Trentadue




One response to “What Really Keeps Eric Holder Awake at Night

  1. Maybe he stays awake worrying that his created terrorists will get him.

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