The Sock Sniffing DOD Expands Biometric Tech and Information Sharing

Kaye Beach

Dec 23, 2010

If you rooted for the commando kilt wearers who dared the TSA to go ahead and touch their junk but are just not up for that degree of raunchy rebellion-may I recommend a nice pair of Fish Flops to confound the soon to be government foot-sniffers?

Actually, the foot odor biometrics isn’t the worst of it.  If you are laughing then read the article.  That will fix it.

U.S. Defense Department Expands Biometrics Technologies, Information Sharing


The various tools used to collect biometrics data on the ground also are due for replacement by next-generation technologies under another program of record designated the Joint Personnel Identification System. This technology potentially could add the capability to gather such data as voice recognition and foot odor identification data. . .
By George I. Seffers, SIGNAL Magazine
October 2010

Agency seeks to replace current methods, conduct more efficient data collaboration among departments.

The U.S. Biometrics Identity Management Agency, an Army agency tasked with coordinating biometrics efforts across the Defense Department, is expanding capabilities and broadening data sharing with other government agencies and coalition partners. The agency, which also operates the department’s premier biometrics database, is coordinating with the departments of Justice, State and Homeland Security to share biometrics data between the three primary databases used by the various departments.

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In case the alphabet soup of agencies engaging in data swapping promiscuity (and foot sniffing) has you a bit confused, the Director of National Intelligence explains:

“So this old distinction between military and non-military intelligence is no longer relevant.” LINK

Really?  I seem to remember something about “separation of powers” or “checks and balances” or something like that…

Ever wonder what us all of this biometric collecting and database combining good for?  ( it isn’t just for sock sniffers)

The Secretary of Defense explains (funding request 2010)

Biometrics technologies can be used to both verify an individual’s claimed identity and, when combined with additional intelligence and/or forensic information, biometrics technologies can establish an unknown individual’s identity, thus stripping away his anonymity. (Emphasis mine)

This program will develop the technology that will improve the quality of biometrics derived information provided to the operational forces for the purpose of identifying and classifying anonymous individuals. It will enable execution of a DoD and interagency coordinated biometrics science and technology plan that supports technology transition to acquisition programs in FY10 and the out-years.
The biometrics science and technology program addresses the technology gaps that preclude our ability to quickly and accurately identify anonymous individuals who threaten our interests, in whatever domain they operate. (Emphasis Mine)

See the document;

Also, if you find foot odor ID intriguing, you won’t want to miss this BO-derous article from WIRED

Army Wants Sensors to Nab Sweaty, Smelly Security Threats


One response to “The Sock Sniffing DOD Expands Biometric Tech and Information Sharing

  1. Wonder what a little Doe urine would do for that…
    Also wasn’t trying to take a cheap shot at the liberals by using libtards. Just something I came up with on my own. Like I do with a lot of things. It has nothing to do with their intel. Seems like us conservatives get called all sorts of names and that’s OK….

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