Missouri-County Homeland Security Official Harassing Families

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — The Jackson County director of emergency preparedness and homeland security has been ticketed for impersonation after using the lights and sirens in the vehicle he was driving to pull over a family, Independence police said.Police said Michael Curry, 63, was ticketed after the incident on Dec. 6.

According to an Independence police report, the family was pulled over by a man driving a white SUV around 7:40 p.m. on East 54th Street in Independence, Mo.The driver said the SUV had its high beams on and was tailgating the family’s vehicle prior to pulling them over.When the family turned on East 54th St., the SUV made a U-turn and followed them, the police report said. The SUV then turned on emergency lights and sirens and pulled over the family’s vehicle.The report said a man walked up to the family’s vehicle and asked the driver why they were driving so slow. The man also asked for the driver’s license. The report said the man then walked back to the SUV, returned 30 seconds later, said “You’re lucky. I’ve got a call,” got back into the SUV and drove away.

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One response to “Missouri-County Homeland Security Official Harassing Families

  1. This is why I NEVER pull over for ANY vehicle tailing me, flashing lights, maybe an “unmarked” police car. I will drive to a police station and then stop.

    Unfortunately, in today’s Amerika, I can possibly be shot by the driver of such a car, even if it is a legitimate police officer, on the way to the police station that I am headed toward for my own safety… or be charged with God-knows-what upon arrival at the closest police station.

    REAL, plainly identifiable police cars I will stop for. Unfortunately, in today’s Amerika, I can be tased, shot, or killed for stopping for one of these too. And there’ waaaaay too many of these too.

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