A4L Tonight-6-8 pm CST Guest Don Casey-Alliance for Citizen’s Rights

Friday Jan 7, 2010 on AxXiom For Liberty:
Special Guest Don Casey

Don Casey is the Vice Chair of Alabama’s Alliance for Citizen’s Rights. He and his organization have been at the forefront of many battles to protect private property rights.

“Our system of government has occurred once in the recorded history of mankind.

I ask you, is this the generation that will lay to rest this experiment in limited self-government or is this the generation that will rekindle the great awakenings of the 1700s and bequeath to the next generation the Providential Blessing that we have enjoyed?”


Join us Friday to find out more about sustainable development, how this philosophy in incompatible with our system of government and how to drive it out of your town!


Have questions for Mr. Casey? Call-in number is 512-646-1984.


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